What is ageing?


Ageing is the organic process of accumulation of physical as well as psychic changes over time. The term directly refers to the factors associated with the increase of age or living time of a person. Normally when a person grows old he becomes subject to numerous changes in his body and mind and physical symptoms of decaying organic functions, physical appearance and psychic perceptions. The ageing can be observed in numerous external physical changes like tooth decay, bad eyesight, blindness and cataract in the eyes, wrinkled skin, baldness, sore throat and lips, hearing difficulties, speaking difficulties, swollen bones and joints and also in psychic factors like loss of memory, cognitive problems, lack of concentration, hectic mood and temperament etc. Ageing effects even can take root in the young people also and this type of ageing in the young and middle aged people is medically considered abnormal or premature.

Normal Ageing in old people

Though old people are more vulnerable to the effects of ageing, prolonged and persistent following of healthy life style habits and organic cures can resist the effects of ageing more effectively and this is the reason why even in few cases old people are seen to have retained the normal physical luster and psychic health similarly as young adults. But as per the latest available data regarding the effects of ageing millions of people are suffering worldwide from ageing and the syndromes of ageing are increasingly becoming one of the major health care concerns globally.

Premature Ageing

Premature ageing is encompassing great number of people worldwide and surprisingly young adults and even teen agers are also suffering from the effects of ageing in an unprecedented way. Young people in the present time are seen to be victims of numerous skin disorder leading to wrinkled and sore skin condition, premature baldness and hair loss, tooth decay and many other physical as well as psychic factors associated with ageing. Children from different parts of the world are becoming victim to cavities and premature tooth decay and young adults are showing signs of ageing before even they turn to forty.

Life style and ageing

The present health care situation of the world population is largely dominated by the life style oriented diseases and disorders and diseases like obesity, diabetes, hair loss and skin disorders are the most common and regular chronic life style oriented diseases that are responsible for bringing premature and fast ageing to many young and middle aged people worldwide. Unhealthy food habits, lack of rest, hectic professional life, stress, restless and depressing mental condition and numerous other factors of modern life style makes the process of ageing more faster for the people of the world in numerous ways.



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