In the modern world, where people have lost touch with nature, naturopathy teaches us to live a natural life. According to naturopathy, it is not a treatment that cures you but the treatment lies within you. The term naturopathy is derived from Greek and Latin words whose literal meaning is "nature disease". Naturopathy lays emphasis on the natural treatment by using natural resources such as water, sunlight, air, exercise, food and other physiological resources. The practice of naturopathy is not a new concept but thought to be started at the time of Hippocrates ?father of medicine? over 2000 years ago. But, in modern world the practice of naturopathy started in the early 19th century when Preissnitz, a German therapist explored the beneficial effects of water. The term ?Naturopathy? was coined by Dr.Scheel of New York city in 1895. According to naturopathy:

The basic reason behind the occurrence of diseases is the accumulation of melancholic matter inside the body that provides shelter to different viruses and bacteria to develop.
The treatment of all diseases is the elimination of unwanted matter from the body.
Human body itself has natural healing power, which is capable of preventing any disease to occur as well as in curing.
Some disease occurs in the order to complete the process of self-healing in the body. So, these should not be suppressed.
Natural remedies not only remove the ailments temporarily but permanently.
Nature cure helps in restoration of lost energy during the disease within a short interval of time.
Naturopathy considers food as the only medicine.
Naturopathy advocates spirituality and prayers as a part of treatment.
Naturopathy does treatment in all levels. i.e. physical, mental and spiritual level.
Naturopathy avoids any alteration in natural lifestyle and advocates healthy lifestyle.

When we talk about the treatment methods of naturopathy, there are many of them. Naturopathy has a series of treatment methods that are very effective and efficient in treating several acute and chronic diseases. These methods are based on different principles. Some of them are:

Diet therapy: This is based on diet. This suggests that our diet should be healthy and nutritious including sufficient vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies.

Regular counseling on lifestyle helps in controlling psychological behavior and emotions. This treatment includes hypnotherapy, relaxation therapies, and music and dance therapy.

Exercise and Relaxation techniques: These help in stress management and support the adrenal glands and digestive system too.

Homeopathy: This is the science based on the laws, "law of similar", is "let like be cured by like."

Detoxification: It includes fasting and limited diet in order to get rid of the toxic substances inside our body and to maintain a balance in the digestive system.

Hydrotherapy: This method uses water for treatment.

Use of herbal medicines for treatment is highly recommended in naturopathy.

Acupuncture, Massage, osteopathy, therapeutic exercise, Rolfing and chiropractic are some of other physical therapies, which are most commonly used, in naturopathic treatment.

Due to its effectiveness, naturopathy is gaining popularity very fast all over the world. Naturopathy gives quickly relive in some common diseases as headache, ulcers, common cold and hypertension. Moreover, it is capable of treating the most chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, bronchitis and even cancer. Thus, Naturopathy teaches us to live a healthy life as it can keep us healthy always.


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