Applying Aromatherapy Oils


Applying Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy is incomplete without the use of essential oils. Essential oils are the extract of different parts of plants such as roots, leaves, bark, seeds etc. These contain several beneficial health properties, which can prove very useful for our health. Essential oils are very powerful in concentrated from and need to be diluted before use. If not done so, these can be very harmful to our health. This dilution can be done by the addition of several oils such as vegetable oils, kernel oils and almond oils. These are called the carrier oils. A specific ratio of these oils are mixed with the essential oils according to the need to get the best result.

Applying essential aromatherapy oils need to follow certain procedure. The procedure can be narrated as:
You can do this in a few ways, some of which can be done especially during massage. So first of all you need to dilute these oils, as the majority would burn the skin if they were put on the skin in their concentrated form. Dilution of essential oils can be done in many ways. You can mix it with a medium like almond oil, or grape seed oil, or the wonderful hydrating murula oil. Now mix 20 mls of oil with 2-3 drops of essential oil. You can also mix 2-3 drops in a hot bath, or 2-3 drops in cold water and mix it up the pop a clean towel in the water and then rinse it and use the towel as a cold compress. And at last you can burn oils in an oil burner or a diffuser. Then by doing that you will start to feel the effects of the aromatherapy benefits.

There are various ways of applying essential oils in aromatherapy. Some of the most common methods are:


Adding aromatherapy oils to the water during your bath is an easy and effective way of getting the benefits of essential oils. Add a few drops of essential oil of your need and choice to the bathwater, blend it properly and enjoy a refreshing bath. The aroma of these oils triggers your olfactory sense, which will in turn enhance your circulation and help to bring about physical balance.


This is the most common method of application of aromatherapy oils. Adding a few drops of essential oil with carrier lotions (almond, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc.) provides the body with several psychologically and physiologically benefits. Use of Peppermint energizes the senses whereas lavender is useful for relaxation. Some oils are absorbed into the skin during massage and stimulate the blood stream to produce healing effects. 

Vapor Inhalation

Vapor technique in aromatherapy has its own significance. Since many essential oils are thought to improve sinus or respiratory issues, steam inhalation is a very popular method of application. To practice this, add five drops of the essential oil to the steaming water and inhale the aroma using a towel fixed in such as way that aroma should not escape (like a tent).

Lotions and Creams

In this, a few drops of essential oil is added to your carrier lotion, massage oil or cream (cocoa butter, shea butter, any unscented lotion base to create your own fragrant blend) to stimulate healing properties.


In this therapy, a few drop of preferred essential oil is added to a bowl of warm water. Rinse a washcloth to this blend. Using the washcloth as a compress, apply it to areas of the body that need pain relief, such as muscles, forehead or stomach. This is very beneficial menstrual cramp.

Aromatherapy has always been one of the most preferred therapies for relaxation and refreshment. By applying essential aromatherapy oils to our body in several ways you can get the best results of aromatherapy.


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