Clinical Facts about Acne


Though Acne is long perceived as a skin disorder having not much health complications except the cosmetic problem of making one suffer from his or her appearance or look, in the present day with the discoveries of medical science relating this so called surface syndromes with much grave health disorder playing within acne or skin pimples also got considerable attention from the diagnostic point of view. Though this skin disorder is itself not dangerous and do not have much bearing on the other organic function of the body, it can as well be a symptom of much graver health problem. Here we would provide some of the most important clinical facts about acne starting from the medical definition, symptoms, medical causes and basic treatment for the problem.

What is Acne?

In nutshell, acne is the skin disease which is caused by the blockages of the skin glands to supply oily fluid on your skin. Our skin either in face or in other parts of the body has tiny holes or pores connected to the oil producing glands deep under the skin through canals that carry the oily substance from the gland onto the surface of the skin. These canals called as follicles in the medical terminology are crucial to steadily supply oil through the pores on the skin surface to give it a smooth look. Now when these pores are blocked and the follicles are consequently clogged and consequently stopping regular supply of skin oil from within we develop dry and scary skin condition, pimples and reddish or dark spots on the skin which as a whole are called acne. This description is provided here in conformity to only the basic clinical fact about acne rather than all the medical causes which we will discuss subsequently.

Symptoms of Acne

Clinical facts about acne in different symptoms differ to a large extent according to the manifestations of the disease in different individuals. Scars are the main and most common symptom of acne which again can be of different types. Deep pits on the skin, scars much similar to that of chickenpox, rolling scars with a wave like appearance and thickened scars, are some of the main types of scars that appear as the common manifestation of acne. A small flesh shaping bump under the skin like a nodule or cyst is also a type of acne. Some pimples on the skin even can have pus on their tip and can be painful. In any case pimples or rough skin with lumps or pits can be felt as disgracing for appearing in public or can be derogatory even for self esteem to a great extent.

Causes of Acne

As par the basic clinical facts about acne we have observed so far acne is caused mainly by the clogging of the skin follicles. The clogged skin follicles due to the formation of plug of keratin and sebum are the most basic change that occurs in causing acne. There can be various areas of contribution or contributory factors that can cause acne like genetic factors, hormonal factors, infections, dietary causes like taking and even psychological factors.

Treatment of Acne

There are both holistic skin care involving life style changes and herbal homemade medications and medicinal care involving use of antibiotics and cosmetic care of the skin to reduce acne. The holistic treatment involving herbal treatment such as Ayurveda, yoga and acquiring beneficial lifestyle habits have gained more popularity these days because in contrast to medical treatment of allopathic orientation these natural medications are secured to provide zero side effects and lasting benefits to obstruct recurrence of the problem.

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