Anxiety as a Medical Condition


Anxiety is probably the most common psychic condition that is experienced by human irrespective all demographic, social or cultural differences throughout the world. The angst or worry as it is referred in other words had been subject to several medical and philosophical enquiries down the ages. As soon as we come out of adolescence and step down to childhood the first form of anxiety however simple in form or expression begins to encompass us in slow progression and with the time as we grow young we almost become ridden with anxieties of various types with different layers of priorities, depth and corresponding expression. But anxiety as a medical condition is to be taken in accordance to what anxiety can do to imbalance our psycho physical equilibrium and make us feel psychologically in ill condition. In such acute conditions only anxiety as a medical condition comes under the medical supervision or interest.

The definition of anxiety in medical practice

There can be no one without anxiety since it is the very basis of being concerned of various things in your life or the living itself. Even if we can imagine a man living in most primitive condition to have no worry for the upcoming or in the fashion of civilized men over simple preoccupations like food, a place to sleep, etc. he certainly would have curiosity or would have nerves to be surprised and that is precisely the anxiety in its simplest manifestation which is seen even in children. But in medical terminology the anxiety as a disorder or anxiety as a medical condition having definite parameter that is normally brought under medical supervision is not this primordial concept of anxiety.

Anxiety is always there, but when the anxiety is increased so much so that it becomes a psychic disorder and manifests into psycho somatic and behavioral disorder then anxiety as a medical condition is regarded as a disorder to be treated. In becoming severe anxiety can manifests in forms like obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, phobia, social anxiety, paranoia, severe mistrust, and severe lack of self confidence, depression, etc. These psychic problems again can develop somatic problems like blood pressure, syndromes associated with chronic stress, insomnia, heart disease, kidney problem, etc. There can be innumerable behavioral problems emanated from severe anxiety and its psychic manifestations, like loss of temper, lack of concentration, high handedness in simple tasks, uneasiness in social encounter, extremely self conscious behavior, misbehaving and misdemeanor, forgetfulness, cloudy thought process and repercussions related to that.

How anxiety becomes a psychic disorder?

There are too many theoretical exposures in relation to explaining the reason behind the manifestation of anxiety as a malfunctioning disorder or to be precise in regard to explaining how anxiety became a psychic disorder. But the most common factor in any medical explanation is the life style factors as the biggest contributing area. In the modern life in conformity to our development to a complex civilized living preoccupied with too many things, managing all these living attributes simultaneously produces a pressure zone for every civic man that make him vulnerable to stress and corresponding anxiety.

Treatment of anxiety

Except the use of some antidepressants that are typically effective for a limited period and comes with an array of side effects and except the all too common use of sleeping pills that at least let you escape from gripping worries for some time definitely at the cost of several derogatory side effects on vital organs, there is no conclusive medicinal treatment of anxiety as of now and scientific research advocated that the outcome of holistic medical process involving different natural processes can be more effective and can cure the disorder of anxiety as a medical condition conclusively. The holistic treatment of anxiety may include several lifestyle changes including diet, balance between resting and physical exercise, managing work stress, yoga, meditation and above all psychiatric counseling.

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