Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis


The medication and treatment as envisaged by Ayurveda for arthritis directly relates to the root causes of the disease as mentioned above in the previous section. Arthritis is a chronic disease and except prolonged treatment and medication completely relieve the body from the contributory factors responsible for the development of the disease it just cannot be treated overnight with curative medicines of fast relief. Actually whatever fast relief from pain you would seek through other medicinal approach to your Arthritis, they must be either strong painkillers or steroid to alter your certain hormonal functions to some extent.

According to globally conducted various types of researches on the after effects or side effects of painkillers of various types and medical use they all leave more toxins in the body and can be dangerous for some organic functions like kidney, liver, heart, etc. Secondly, hormonal change through the use of steroid left many people gasping for last breath in the death bed of cancer. Yes, various global studies have indicated that hormonal change within the body thanks to the use of steroid either for the medicinal purpose or for cosmetic purpose like rigorous hair regrowth treatment, etc. It can be extremely dangerous and can cause cancerous cells within the body. So, just a fast relief from pain through the use of these synthetic drugs can cause your near and dear life in general.

Treatment and medication provided by Ayurveda for arthritis on the other hand do not promise any fast and steady relief from the pain and does not advertise its overnight success. Ayurveda is just not treatment; it is actually the process of waking the healing power long abandoned under the impunities of your body to work for the well being of your health in every possible way. Once this natural strength of inner healing is activated it would automatically make way for relief from pain. The primary approach of Ayurveda in treating Arthritis is Shodhana or purification treatment and secondly this leads to Shamana Chikitsa in the traditional term or medicinal treatment.

The main type of Shodhana or purification treatment is Panchakarma which is basically the conjugated detoxification process of the body through all the relevant routes of the through which we leave impunities or toxic substances outside. Through Panchakarma our body actually gets relieved of all the accumulated toxic substances which made the metabolic process malfunctioning and thereby causing of arthritis and other disorders.

Apart from main course of Panchakarma treatment for detoxification for clearing the perspiration channels or Sweda Vahas various oil massages are administered and among these Janu Basti is typically an Arthritis Treatment for in-depth massage of the knee joints. Similarly Kati Basti works for the lower back portion and Greeva Basti works for the neck and shoulder portions. These treatments are basically medicated hot oil massage in this body portions through retaining the oil within the small circular dam made with dough. Shodhana or detoxification of the body prepares the body to a great extent to achieve final relief from the disease. With Panchakarma and the host of purification treatment the Ama or the toxin responsible for Arthritis is targeted for proper metabolic order to reestablish.

The medicinal treatment of Ayurveda for arthritis unlike allopathic drugs is not to have direct effect on the muscular skeletal functions or pain syndromes. Ayurvedic herbal formulations and herbs are prescribed only to supplement the gross treatment targeting the detoxification of the body and slowly establishing the digestive and metabolic order. A wide array of preventive processes like certain dietary controls to keep a check on the digestion and metabolism and a lot of exercises and light physical work outs increase physical responses are prescribed along with other treatment procedures. Remember, in respect of treating any disease the approach of Ayurveda is a holistic treatment rather than a curative one and so the treatment of Ayurveda for arthritis can provide lasting benefits by following this multiple facets of treatment, through detoxification, herbal medications, exercises and finally dietary controls.



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