Causes of Arthritis


Causes of Arthritis differ according to type. There has been no substantial proof of what actually causes Arthritis and studies are still being carried out by people around the globe to understand the disease and its causes better.

However, in few types of Arthritis like Rheumatoid Arthritis it has been confirmed that an overactive immune system if the body attacks the tissues and muscles that surrounds the joints.

Arthritis is a disease in which the joints of the body get affected for one reason or the other. Pain, stiffness and inflammation are felt in the joints, which cause hindrance in the movement.

Causes of Arthritis are:

  • Cartilage deterioration
  • Aging
  • Inactivity for a long time
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Obesity
  • Bone infection
  • Bone fracture
  • Heredity
  • Over-active immune system

Arthritis can be passed from one generation to another. Arthritis is more prone in old age people in whom the cartilage starts to deteriorate due to regular wear and tear. However, like Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, there are few types of Arthritis that can be seen in young people as well.

Injuries that causes damage to tissues, ligaments and muscles surrounding the joints also leads to arthritis. Some injuries show affect at a later stage. Sportspersons like footballer, cricketer, runner, gymnast, etc mostly develop injuries that sometimes lead to Arthritis .

Obesity or over weight is another factor that leads to Arthritis . Over weight causes pressure on knee, spine and toe joints. There are chances that tissues and muscles get affected by the over weight.

Unhealthy food like junk food, oily food, sweets, etc also leads to some types of Arthritis . Unhealthy food also leads to obesity, which in turn leads to Arthritis .

A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein must be taken by Arthritis patient. Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes and papaya, vegetables, vegetables soups must be included in the diet. People must avoid oily food, junk food and sweets that not only causes Obesity but also affects the treatment of arthritis.

Exercises like swimming, Yoga , aerobics are necessary in supervised way to help in the treatment of Arthritis. Exercises are necessary to help check the increasing weight.

Oil massages using mustard oil, castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, etc are carried out by Vaidyas to help relieve from the pain.

Ayurvedic treatment of Arthritis in Delhi first analyzes the cause of arthritis than carried out the specific treatment for arthritis.


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