Gout Treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda


Gout is a muscular skeletal disorder and one type of arthritis and in relation to our discussion on gout treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda we must consider this disease as one of the burgeoning medical challenges that cannot be conclusively treated by so called curative allopathic drugs. Gout is caused due to abnormal functioning of the metabolism of uric acid in the tissue and the blood leading to a number of consequences. It happens when an individual produces more uric acid or the same doesn't get adequately removed by the excretory system. This can lead to chronic and acute gouty arthritis, stones in the kidney or local deposit of uric acid in the tissues and the skin. Gout can appear independently (primary gout) or it can appear associated with other symptoms (secondary gout).

Chronic gouty arthritis is the most cause of inflammatory arthritis in men over forty. The joints get swollen, become red and hot and is accompanied by acute pain. The presence of uric acid that triggers the bout of gout can de definitely diagnosed by the presence of uric acid crystals in the liquid found at the joints and the successive attack of gout can lead to chronic arthritis.

Gout treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda offered by Ayurvedic and holistic specialty clinic in North Delhi, Rohini area founded by Mahaaushudhi.com, the Ayurvedic online medical guide provides a wide array of treatment modules that irrevocably cures the disease and prevent the gouty arthritis from turning into a chronic one. In this multispecialty treatment clinic for chronic and critical diseases the objective is to restore the natural balance of the body and thus treating any such chronic disorder from its very root.

What is Gout?

Uric acids are produced as a normal byproduct of the general metabolism. Now it so happens that some men produces more uric acid than others creating complications while in other cases the acid does not get adequately removed from the body through urine .Such condition is called gout and the prolonged accumulation of uric acid into the system leads to gouty arthritis.

Gouts can appear in a man due to different reasons which can be studied under three heads- the genetic reason, due to faulty food habits and gender. If your parents have gouts there is 20% chance that you would develop gout too. Certain foods increases the risk of gout as it enhance the chance of increased level of uric acid in the system .People with past history of affliction in uric acid should avoid red meat ,alcohol especially beer, internal organs ,oily fish and deeply fried and spicy foods. Gender is another important factor. It has been observed that men develop gout during puberty while women develop gout after menopause.

The symptoms of gout are the sudden swelling of the joints accompanied by acute pain. This swelling is seen with joints becoming red and hot .Gout is definitely diagnosed by the presence of a nest like formation of uric acid crystals at the joint. It usually happens that after an initial bout the symptoms recede after a few weeks. But the symptoms returns and with time it spreads to the other joints and life eventually becomes miserable. Even a simple movement becomes a matter of pain.

Ayurvedic treatment for ages considered gout and other muscular skeletal disorders as health problems born out of diabolic problems and naturally conclusive medical treatment can only be provided with the objective of restoring the proper diabolism to control gout and other types of arthritic problems.



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