Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis


Before trying to figure out the signs and symptoms of arthritis let us understand the disease from common man perspective. Literal meaning of the term arthritis is joint inflammation. But the term encompasses around 100 diseases related to joints and the tissues that surround it.

The disease affects a large population worldwide. The people in their older age often get affected with the disease but it does not mean that the disease is confined to elderly only as it can affect a person of any age.

We will examine the signs and symptoms of Arthritis but before we should know the types of arthritis. The disease can be classified into two; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are different causes behind the development of Arthritis diseases. Osteoarthritis is marked by pain, stiffness, or inflammation and it appears commonly in the hips, knees, and hands.

On the other side, rheumatoid arthritis mostly affects the hands. But this ailment is not limited to the wrists as it can affect any part of the body.

Both forms of arthritis have some common symptoms that include Joint pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints.

Symptoms of Arthritis:

Rheumatologist and Orthopedics may give various names for the symptoms of arthritis that are beyond a common man comprehension. Here we are seeing the symptoms from a patient's perspective. If you ask a patient regarding what is happening to him the patient will reply that there is pain and function of joints have got limited. They also complain of stiffness in joints and also say that joints have swelled. Redness at the spot of joints is also reported and sometimes joints even get warmer as compared to the other parts. The affected joints get tender and do not move as desired. In some cases, the joints also get deformed.

The disease disrupts the normal life and one has to take medicines to manage it. One should not look for a permanent cure for the disease as no cure is available. However one can control this disease and lead a normal life by taking some medicines. One should not be wary of side effects of the medicines as these side effects are very small in comparison to the side effects of disease.


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