Top five life-style reasons of Osteoarthritis


Arthritis is a nagging problem many have to live with as they grow older. Although arthritis can affect anyone at any age, it is generally seen affecting senior citizens and has been considered as a part of the inevitable process of ageing. In regard to our discussion on top five lifestyle reasons of osteoarthritis we must enumerate here few important clinical details regarding the disease. Arthritis is swelling of the joints accompanied by acute pain, mostly in the knees. As the conditions deteriorates, the pain become so acute that doing simple jobs like bending to lift something, carrying weight even moving the mouse of the computer becomes a trying task. The joints become stiff and the movement at the joints gets restricted. Chances of having arthritis increases with age and it also depends heredity and environment. Although the onset of Arthritis cannot be totally prevented, certain life-style defects contribute much to aggravate the problem.

Arthritis are mainly of two types, osteoarthritis that occur due to the damage in cartilage and bone as a result of general wear and tear and rheumatoid arthritis that occurs due to the attack of the immune system on the tough membrane that encloses all the parts of the joint. Although there is no known way to connect rheumatoid arthritis with lifestyle defects, it has been observed that in case of osteoarthritis, defects in daily habits actually plays an active role in aggravating the conditions of the disease. Here is our list of top five lifestyle reasons of osteoarthritis.

Lack of Walking and Movement:

This is probably the most important among the top five lifestyle reasons of osteoarthritis. Due to the presence of vehicles in one form or the other, whether private or public means of transport, we tend to walk less and less. Either we have our own car or we depend on some public mode of transport to take us to the working places or wherever we want to go. By walking less, our joints get stiffened and it restricts the further movement. Pain may develop to such an extent that walking becomes an impossible task later on. So we have to take care that before arthritis grips us in its claw of swelling and pain, we should walk for at least three to four miles daily. If it is not possible to walk such a long distance initially we should increase the pace and the length of daily walk gradually.

Lack of Physical Work:

In this gadget friendly environment, we hardly undertake any task that requires physical exertion. Nowadays, most of the office jobs require sitting before a computer and working. Sitting on the same posture for a long time actually aggravates the problem of Arthritis. After work we come home and there too we spend the evening sitting before the television or computer. Such sedentary lifestyle helps in the deterioration of the condition of Arthritis.

Eating fast food:

Food habit of taking junk or fast food is just an irreplaceable aspect in regard to our consideration of top five lifestyle reasons of osteoarthritis. Eating fast food on road side food joints has become fashionable and in this fast world sometimes become necessary. Fast food usually increases the weight of the body and obesity is one of the reasons of aggravated condition of Arthritis.

Lack of exercise:

In the hustle and bustle of life we tend to forget about getting some physical exercise. Physical exercises, especially yoga helps a lot in reducing the condition of Arthritis. So if you are suffering from arthritis, join some yoga class and it will definitely help you to ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Sedentary lifestyle:

An overall sedentary lifestyle with less physical activity, no exercise is the symptom as the problem of ageing .This way of life actually accelerates the damage done to the bones and cartilages and leads to an acute stage of the disease.


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