Treat Arthritis with Ayurveda


Arthritis is one of the most common problems making people disable and a large part of the population around the world is affected with the disease that is characterized by pain and swelling in joints and reduction in ability to move the joints and these people are looking to treat Arthritis with Ayurveda as this Indian system of healing is known to be effective and providing relief without any adverse effect. Of late, the system of treating the disease with Ayurveda has become popular and a large number of beneficiaries from around the world are living proof of this fact. Let us know how we can keep a tab on the Arthritis by using the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Apart from Ayurveda; home remedy and health diet could do wonder for the patients. The most positive point for these treatments is that these treatments are without any side effect. Even household products like Jeera and Methi can provide relief to a great extent. The disease can be treated with a fine combination of ayurvedic medicines, panchkarma, and changes in diet and lifestyle. The Ayurvedic medicines have an edge over their allopathic steroids and painkillers as ayurvedic medicine do not have any side effects on the health of individuals.

Even you can rope in your kitchen ingredients in your fight against Arthritis as methi (fenugreek), jeera (cumin) and dhaniya (coriander) are effective in the treatment of arthritis. Methi is known to be providing a control over degenerative disorders. Jeera helps in digestion and thus controls obesity. Dhania is an effective anta acid and fights troubles related to acidity. These three spices methi, jeera and dhania can provide a defense against the debilitating disease called arthritis. These ingredients could also be taken in raw forms. An oil massage could also be a great pain reliever and provide an effective control against wear and tear of the joints. There are effective ways to treat arthritis with Ayurveda but these medicines should be taken into supervision of an experienced ayurvedic practitioner only.

Food for Arthritis:

Vitamin E, calcium and oil rich food is good for the Arthritis patients. So the patients should take fruits, green leafy vegetables and milk products. Adding Fish in your diet increase the cod liver oil that provides an effective safeguard against the arthritis. The patients should take large amount of water to provide lubrication to the joints. In addition, water also frees your body from toxins.

You can treat arthritis with Ayurveda by following these instructions.


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