Ayurveda solutions for Bronchitis


Ayurveda solutions for Bronchitis

The inflammation of the main air passage to the lungs, bronchi tube, is called Bronchitis. Kasa Roga is the name for bronchitis in Ayurveda. It might also include trachea and windpipe. Various factors such as poor nutrition, accumulation of toxins resulting in poor circulation, stress and poor lifestyle cause imbalance in the human body and reduce the immunity of the body to the virus or bacteria that causes bronchitis. It is also caused by some bacterial or viral infection and the patient suffering from it often coughs out phlegm consisting of yellow or green mucus.

Bronchitis patients complain of high fever, chest congestion, pain in the chest area during breathing, excessive coughing, soreness in chest to name a few. People suffering from acute bronchitis suffer all this and swollen feet and ankles along with acute chest pain and power tiredness.

Ayurveda solution for Bronchitis

- Add a teaspoon of Gud to half a teaspoon of Saunth powder. Continue this practice for four weeks. It proves to be effective to cure bronchitis.

- Water keeps body hydrated, so make sure you drink lots of water.

- Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must for the body as they fulfil the nutritional needs for the body.

- The medical plant of Vasa is an excellent remedy for patients suffering from chronic bronchitis. Make a juice of the plant leaves, add honey and consume it.

- Turmeric powder is also a commonly used herb in Ayurveda. Add one teaspoonful of turmeric powder to milk. Turmeric clears the mucus and improves immunity.

- A mixture of ginger and pepper also serves the purpose.

- Mullein Tea has anti-inflammatory properties that heal the air passage area between the nose and the lungs. It decreases coughing and mucus and has Rejuvenation properties.

- Cinnamon, ginger and black myroblan are some natural herbs that help a great deal in treating bronchitis.

- Tulsi leaves are considered as a great medicine for fighting bronchitis. Chewing tulsi leaves helps reducing the inflammation of the bronchi, thus loosening up the windpipe and allowing free respiration.

- Adhatoda is another herb that mixed with ginger can work wonders to treat bronchitis.

Foods to avoid

- Sour foods like curd and tamarind should be avoided.

- Rice, potato and guava are a strict no-no.

- One should also make a point to avoid mucus-forming food like sugar, butter and processed foods.

- Do not expose a patient of bronchitis to cold and damp weather.

Thus making sure that we follow the above instructions and methods, Bronchitis can be prevented and cured. For being healthy, we need to adopt healthy lifestyles.



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