Ayurvedic Rasayanas


Ayurvedic Rasayanas

Ayurvedic rasayana is the term used for the herbal medicines in ayurveda having the power of rejuvenation and revitalization. Rasayanas contains several micronutrients that prove very beneficial for enhancing health, immunity, vitality and longevity. These are of great importance and this is the reason that rasanayas like chyavanaprasha, triphala rasayana, pippali rasayana, shilajatu and achara rasayana are highly recommended by the ayurvedic practitioners. There are a number of rasayanas in ayurveda for different age groups depending on the need.

Preparation of ayurvedic rasayanas strictly follows the traditional standards of ayurveda practiced during ancient times. The major ingredients, which are used in the preparation of rasayanas, are purely natural herbs, spices, ghee (purified butter), raw honey, dried fruits, sucanat (unprocessed sugar), and natural flavors. They are highly nutritious and antioxidant, and provides all the necessary nutrients which lacks in the diet.

Ayurveda has a collection of rasayanas, each having specific significance and different methods of preparation. Some of the ayurvedic rasayanas are:

Ashwagandha Rasayana

Ashwagandha rasayana is mainly prepared from ashwagandha, the Indian ginseng. It has several medicinal benefits as it has a very relaxing and harmonizing effect on the body. If taken according to the recommendation it can help to revitalize the reproductive organs along with the stimulation of functions of nerves and the bone marrow. It can also be consumed as a supplement to food if recommended by a practitioner.

Vacha Rasayana

Vacha rasayana is herbal medicines that are capable of providing mental harmony and peace of mind. These are prepared by mixing specific herbs and species with honey, butter and rice syrup. Vacha rasayana is beneficial against headache, anxiety and faintness. Moreover, it is believed that vacha rasayana can cure spasms, cramps, tremors and even drug addiction.

Shilajit Rasayana

Shilajit rasayana is mainly prepared from shilajit, a 'wonder mineral' obtained from the rocks in the lower Himalayas. Shilajit has a number of health benefits as it improves the digestive system and reduces fatigue too. Consumption of shilajit rasayana keeps the spleen and pancreas healthy and helps in blood purification. It is also effective for weight loss.

Brahmi Rasayana

Brahmi rasayana has a lot of medical significance as it helps in reducing stress levels, anger, depression, restlessness and impatience. A recommended dose of brahmi rasayana daily enhances your intelligence and concentration level. It also increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Apart from this, brahmi rasayana can help to overcome drug addiction as well as the psychic disturbances.

Guduchi Rasayana

Consumption of recommended dose of guduchi rasayana on a regular basis can improve the immune system of the body. It is also useful in enhancing the circulation and purification of blood. Diseases like common cold, allergies and acne can be avoided with the use of guduchi rasayana. It also stimulates better metabolism and digestion.

Thus, ayurvedic rasayanas are very useful in keeping many diseases away as well as treating them. So, ayurveda has given much importance to the ayurvedic rasayanas due to their capability of healing several diseases.



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