Ayurvedic Treatment of Gastritis in Delhi


Gastritis is one of the crucial lifestyle oriented diseases that make millions of people suffer from all social and economic backgrounds. The modern medical treatment in the allopathic tradition attempts to treat the disease just by limiting the physical symptoms instead of treating the basic disharmony in our body that causes the problem from time to time. The ancient Indian natural herbal science of Ayurveda rather than just believing in the fast relief from the symptoms of a disease rather attempts to treat a disease from within, from its essential breeding ground. Ayurvedic treatment of Gastritis in Delhi initiated by herbal and Ayurvedic experts in Mahaaushudhi.com thus considers the medication and process of treatment a conclusive and permanent procedure of relief from the disease rather than just a temporal one from the symptoms. With the introduction of the truly effective detoxification process of Ayurveda called Panchakarma in the treatment of several chronic diseases including gastritis Ayurvedic treatment initiated by Mahaaushudhi.com has taken a new level of expertise.

What is Gastritis?

In introducing here the relevant information regarding Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis in Delhi we must first of all take a quick look at the nature of the disease and how it develops along with the symptoms. Gastritis is a stomach disease and associated mainly with our digestive system. There are two types of gastritis, namely acute gastritis and chronic gastritis. Acute gastritis occurs with painful and distinctly felt symptoms but lasts only for a very short period of time and often vanishes automatically with certain readjustments in the digestive process. Chronic gastritis is the main form of gastritis that does not come up with very acute pain or distinctly visible syndromes but last for longer period of time and without any medication the chronic syndromes can tend to be severe and painful. Inflammation on the surface or lining of the stomach causing burning sensation and disruption in the food intake and digestive process is called to be gastritis.

There can be a wide array of contributory factors or reasons to gastritis including intake of certain medicines like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc., traumatic injuries, burns, surgeries, infections, stress, etc. and indigestions, autoimmune diseases like certain type of anemia, abdominal bloating, abdominal upset, nausea, etc. The experts of Mahaaushudhi.com always maintained that Gastritis is caused mainly because of various factors of modern lifestyle that in a way changed our food and other living habits and consequently Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis in Delhi from its expert clinic must address these factors for eliminating the disease conclusively and permanently rather than just treating the symptoms.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Gastritis

Ayurvedic treatment in its core value consider any disease or physical or psychic disorder to be the disruption of the natural balance in our body, rather than something as alien as a new harmful object to treat with. Through Ayurvedic treatment the basic imbalance in our bodily constituents are addressed and the course of treatment is directed not only to cure the harmful symptoms, but to eliminate the disease from its root. Gastritis has its root in the digestive problems caused mainly by irregular or harmful food habits, alcohol consumption or anti-inflammatory drugs. Before the preventive measures and Ayurvedic medicines take its good effects to the patient it is required to make the body cleaned from toxic substances and this is what is done by the Ayurvedic detoxification process called Panchakarma. In the hands of renowned experts from Mahaaushudhi.com, the process of Panchakarma achieved new significance with other herbal formulations for the first time in the Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis in Delhi.



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