Natural Caring from Rheumatoid Arthritis


In Ayurveda, it is said that prevention is better than cure. So, following this rule, we can say that Rheumatoid Arthritis can be prevented if you follow some certain rules of living and avoid the prohibited things.

By following the recommended rules and avoiding the restricted rules, we can also live healthy and keep Rheumatic Arthritis away.

Here are some basic rules what we have to do. These are:

  • Consume horse gram, ginger, bitter gourd, drum sticks.
  • Expel the toxic material regularly. Empty bowels regularly.
  • Do not control natural urges.
  • Always use hot water to bathe and to drink.
  • Keep fast once in a week.
  • Avoid late night and afternoon naps.
  • Include the following substances in your foods ? Vegetable juices and soups, Coconut water, Coconut milk, Carrot
  • juice, Beet root juice, Cucumber juice, Cooked vegetables like squash, zucchini and pumpkin, Spices like cumin, coriander, ginger, asafetida, garlic, fennel and turmeric Green salad with a dressing of lemon juice and a little salt.
  • Consuming Khichadi (recipe made by cooking rice and mung dal) from time to time is a good habit as it keeps you healthy.
  • Regular physical exercise and massage with oil should form an important part of the routine.

What to do?

  • Avoiding the formation of ama by increasing the body fire.
  • Expelling the already formed ama.
  • Reduction of inflammation in joints.
  • Rejuvenating the affected joints and body. (By providing natural calcium supplement)
  • Reduce your weight.
  • Excellent exercise of the affected parts
  • Eat fibre food products to keep digestion strong

What to avoid/ not to do?

  • Avoid curds, fish, milk, urad dal, jaggery, and constipating food.
  • Avoid cold breeze.
  • Avoid late nights and afternoon naps.
  • Eating hot, spicy and fried foods, sweets, wind forming foods like cabbage, Cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, okra and potatoes.
  • Too much tea, coffee, alcohol, white sugar, yogurt, chocolate, cocoa.
  • Antibiotics, painkillers, steroids and nicotine
  • Sleeping during the day
  • Staying up late at night
  • Mental tensions like worry, anxiety, fear, stress and grief.


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