Constipation Treatment in Delhi


Constipation is one of the commonest chronic health problems the main contributory factors of which are mostly found in our derogatory lifestyle, especially among overstressed, busy civic people in large metropolitan cities. Precisely this is the reason that prompted the Ayurvedic experts of to open their new Ayurvedic facility in Delhi for not only just constipation treatment in Delhi, but all other chronic and acute disorders that are increasingly becoming commonplace nowadays. In our busy and sedentary lifestyle from sleep to food habit to entertainment to physical exercises all tend to be irregular and have the same hectic appearance. Naturally our organic function without being able to cope up with these huge ups and downs day in and day out suffers and that results in numerous malfunction and derogatory health symptoms that we are forced to live with irrespective of our complains and pains. The capital city Delhi as one of the throbbing metropolitans is having a population with such great mal effects of sedentary lifestyle and constipation is just one too common problem among them., the famous Ayurvedic online website that long made its name with expert articles on various diseases and treatment methods has recently came up with its own Ayurvedic medical facility in the plush Rohini area of North Delhi to provide authentic Ayurvedic treatment to people from all layers of the society for multitude of chronic, acute and lifestyle affected health problems. With this clinic not only constipation treatment in Delhi with Ayurvedic medicine will see a new beginning but all sorts of regular lifestyle oriented diseases are expected to be addressed by expert Ayurvedic treatment from this clinic.

What is Constipation?

As per clinical description constipation is the hard to pass bowels movement experienced by different individuals as to cause irregular bowel movement, painful symptoms in bowels movement and other symptoms arising due to it. Our bowels movement occurs mainly in two phases, respectively by propulsion of the waste substance in the colon and expulsion of the same through rectum. Now as and when this waste become too dry and stiff to pass through from colon or expelled outside from rectum the symptom medically referred as constipation. The causes of constipation mainly include all those factors that are responsible for causing such dryness and lack of lubrication for the waste product of the body to pass. Improper and irregular food habit, lack of sleep, stress, lack of physical exercise or physical exhaustions and most important of all consuming less water or fluid substances are cited as most important factors behind constipation.

Treatment of Constipation with Ayurveda

In relation to our present discussion on constipation treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda , we must understand that constipation according to Ayurveda is caused mainly by sedentary lifestyle factors and can be treated as well by mainly curbing these factors in our daily life. The expert Ayurvedic clinic of proposes lifestyle measures to treat constipation permanently and most convincingly besides prescribing few herbal formulations that can help to make the bowel pass smoothly. Consuming food at regular intervals, consuming fiber rich organic food, consuming more drinking water and fluid substance, proper sleep and rest hours, regular physical exercise, are just some of the most important lifestyle measures besides using a few Ayurvedic formulations.


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