Homemade remedies to cure Diabetes


Homemade remedies to cure Diabetes

The market boasts of a range of prescribed and over the counter medicines to cure diabetes. While only few of them are effective, they also are characterized with harmful side effects.

Thus, diabetic patients are turning towards Ayurveda to get rid of this disease

Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Diabetes

Fenugreek is a medicinal herb and serves as an excellent remedy for diabetic patients.

Tomatoes are very important to keep a check on the glucose level in the blood. Make them an important part of your diet.

Bitter gourd juice is a very healthy solution. A glass of juice once or twice a day is a very effective remedy to cure diabetes.

Cooking bitter gould as a vegetable is not a bad idea.

Shilajit has medicinal properties and works really well for curing diabetes.

Food items like onions and beans lower the sugar level in the blood. Include these in your diet as vegetables. You can also use onion as a salad.

Amla juice added to the bitter gourd juice works as an excellent remedy to cure diabetic symptoms.

Jambhul is an Ayurvedic herb with curative properties to treat diabetes.

A useful remedy to treat diabetes is the use of clover seeds. Add a handful of clover seeds to aloe vera juice. The mixture of aloe vera and clover seeds is an excellent remedy to treat diabetes.

Triphala is a very useful herb for curing diabetes.

Regular physical exercise is a must. Brisk walk, jogging and even hitting the gym are the most effective ways you can employ to keep diabetes at bay. Sweating out in the gym or a park always helps to keep the body fit.

Haldi is a very significant Ayurvedic herb that can prove to be extremely useful to treat diabetes. Add a teaspoonful of haldi to milk and consume it twice a day.



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