Ayurvedic Treatment of Color Blindness

Ayurvedic Treatment of Color Blindness

Color blindness is a color vision deficiency in which a person shows the inability to see and differentiate between different colors under lighting conditions. In this there is a defect in the proper development of retinal cones, which identify the colors and transmit that information to the optic nerve, which finally goes to the brain.

Causes of Color Blindness

  • Color blindness is caused due to absence of certain color-sensitive cells in the retina. Sometimes it is genetic in nature.
  • Color blindness can also be a result of some harmful diseases like leukemia, multiple sclerosis, excessive intake of alcohol, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, glaucoma and liver disease.
  • Sometimes sudden accidental shocks and strokes can lead to color blindness.
  • Some antibiotics and drugs used for the treatment of nervous disorders, tuberculosis and high blood pressure can lead to color blindness.
  • Some hazardous industrial toxins such as fertilizers, carbon disulphide, carbon monoxide, and chemicals containing lead can also cause color blindness.

Symptoms of Color Blindness

Symptoms of color blindness vary from person to person. The general symptoms are:

  • The person feels trouble in seeing colors and the brightness of colors normally.
  • A person suffering from color blindness is unable to recognize the difference between similar colors.
  • In some cases quick side-to-side movement of eyes is seen.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Color Blindness

  • In ayurveda Panchakarma, treatments like Tarpana, has been advocated highly beneficial for the treatment of color blindness. Taking triphala gritham, an ayurvedic medication for Tarpana is considered to be very beneficial in the treatment of color blindness.
  • Some herbal medicines like Saptamrit Lauh and Divya Amrit Rasayana are very good for providing nutritional benefits to eyes.
  • Amla juice is the best alternative for improving the eyesight.
  • A balanced diet and green leafy vegetables are very useful.

Though any specific treatment of color blindness in still in vague, ayurvedic treatment of color blindness can help to reduce the effects. Moreover, it may also help from occurring this disease if certain things are kept in mind.

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