Caring Eyes through Yoga


Yoga is the art of living correct and healthy life. It is greatly associated with various simple postures and breathing techniques that help in reducing down the occurrence of various disorders or discomforts to our body.

Therefore in order to cure these vision disorders we must follow following yogic asanas:

  • The "Head Lift" Technique is an excellent result-producing exercise or posture to clear up ear and eye problems. It also helps to overcome headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

  • How to do: Place entire hand--fingers and palms around the neck at the lower part of the skull (mastoid protuberance). Next, lift the head upward (face pointing forward) and a bit forward, while turning the head to the right when lifting. Next, turn and lift head to the left in the same manner. This simple movement can help unblock any pinched nerves in the neck or trapeziums muscles. Lift up the head gently, but do not squeeze the neck too hard. Turn as far as comfortable without straining or jerking. Practice the "Head Lift" several times daily, especially before sleep.

  • Further in morning rub your hands together at palms against each other until they become warm enough then close your eyes. Place your warm palms on these closed eyes. And you will feel this as if energy entering your body through your eyes. This technique brings about the relaxation of eyes and it also brings about the improvement of circulation in the eyes.

  • Another way to relax your eyes is to take your eyes from the computer screen or TV for a few minutes and take a look out of the window at any object outside at a distance.

  • After performing various yogic postures you can relax your eyes by means of shutting them down with the palms of your hands and humming or reciting ?OM? for a while. This even provides you relaxation to not only the eyes, but also the mind as well as the body.

  • Sun gazing can be also performed as a yogic practice but this must be performed when the intensity of the sunrays are mild as in the mornings mostly. And must be done for a shorter duration.

  • Eye accommodation exercises can also be done as to increase and maintain the accommodative power of your eye muscles so that it does not deteriorates with the age.

  • You can also squeeze your eyes slowly for a short duration since with age the shape of eye balls changes. This helps in maintaining the shape of eyes.


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