Fatigue and its Treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda


Fatigue and its Treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda

Who has not known what fatigue means. The boring and often strenuous work that continues for days asks for a day's rest. It normally happens that a weekend of restful condition relieves one of a feeling of being worn out. The Monday morning we get ready to face the boring and the grueling job. What must be done must be done .This is our life. If the fatigue gets relieved by a day's rest then it is ok. But if the same sense of physical weakness accompanied by a feeling of being out of any motivation doesn't leaves one for a longer period of time then it becomes a matter of concern .We need to consult a doctor.

Fatigue and its treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda by the phenomenal and already popular multispecialty Ayurvedic as well as holistic clinic of online holistic medical guide Mhaaushudhi.com offers to help those in need in this ever busy crossroad of life. The modern day's hustle and bustle, its pressing needs is perhaps not relieved by short trip. While allopathic fatigue relieving medications leaves some side effect, Ayurveda guarantees to relieve one of physical or mental exhaustion or both and at Mahaaushudhi.com the holistic traditional treatment guided by renowned professionals helps to restore inner organic balance that replenishes one with energy and a sense of fulfilled life.

What is fatigue?

Before we go on discussing on the various aspects of fatigue and its treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda we must see the problem of fatigue in its clinical detail. Fatigue is a sense of being worn out physically or mentally or both and it can have several causes. The most frequent cause is the lifestyle faults and by a simple change in the rhythm of life one can cope with the problem. Sometimes the cause lies deep within. Fatigue and its vicious cycle reduce ones energy in life.

Causes of fatigue may be overviewed by three headings namely lifestyle factors, psychological factors, physical factors. Life style factors are many and some are very obvious .For instance unhealthy eating habits constitute a major contributing area for causing fatigue to too many people. Fast foods are an inevitable factor in today's world. We have to go to work early in the morning. Many of us have to skip the breakfast, the morning diet that is supposed to give energy for the whole day. We often take food on road. Those apparently delicious savories might satisfy our palate but it does not give the adequate energy or nutrition not to speak of the health hazards it is likely to bring in the future.

Another frequent cause is the alcohol use and sometimes abuse. It is often seen that feeling of being let down either physically or emotionally or both leads one to ask for some moments of intoxication and one makes the mistake. Alcohol abuse leads to depression and depression leads to fatigue and lack of motivation. Boredom which is also an inevitable part of the consumerist world leads one to lead a life of inactivity that can gradually turn into prolonged period of ennui. This leads to emotional disturbance, sense of apathy, unbalanced state of affairs. Prolonged period of depression is often a cause of fatigue. Depression leads to a sense of being out of aim in existing, a lessening of physical as well as mental activity, lack of discipline and regimen because there is a complete lack of any motivational forces that keeps the life going.

The spectrum of modern life is indeed very wide. On one extreme we observe boredom depression, inactivity as part of modern lifestyle while some people out there is toiling out in such a competitive and stressful environment that fatigue becomes inevitable. The corporate executives, the business class in this age of cutting edge of technology face such a hard and stressful life as a result of which the mind seems to get blank for a while and the body seems worn out.

Sometimes serious health calamities underlie the phenomenon of fatigue. Liver failure, anemia, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome are often the cause of more serious kind of fatigue. In such cases, professional help should be given on an emergency basis. Heart disease has spread like an epidemic. Heart disease that weakens the circulatory system weakens the body as a whole and often becomes the cause of a fatigue that leaves one listless unless proper medical assistance is provided.

Why Ayurveda for fatigue treatment?

Fatigue and its treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda by the expert practitioners of Mahaaushudhi.com is undertaken with the objective of detoxifying the physical system and restoring the internal balance in the body that rejuvenates and help to acquire a sense of psychological well being. The practitioners at Mahaaushudhi.com advices a certain change in lifestyle. Eating habit and a change in the general outlook towards life is initiated to bring about an end to the phenomenon of fatigue and helps in the maintenance of balance in life.

Certain change in the lifestyle to cope with the fatigue becomes inevitable. For instance, eating and sleeping under a strict regime helps in maintaining the essential organic balance of the body ;taking rest for about fifteen minutes twice every day with the help of transcendental meditation. Regular yogic exercise helps maintaining the circulation of blood, healthy functioning of all other system which rejuvenates the body as well the mind. Certain herbs prescribed by the Ayurvedic practitioners along with fruits and enough water helps to detoxify the body. Messages with Ayurvedic oil containing exotic herbs and done by professionals at places like Mahaaushudhi.com reduces the toxic level of the body, increases the energy and a shower afterwards in warm water helps in the reduction of fatigue. A regular slow walking especially during evening helps in maintaining a general well being.

Another very important aspect for the treatment of fatigue is ascertain the cause and source of the stress one feel and that eventually leads to fatigue. Stress, more often than not is a mental phenomenon and in this post modern scenario the work pressure coupled with the ever increasing pressure of performance reduces the vitality of life. With the help of the councilors, by affecting a change in attitude one takes towards ones aspirations and ambitions, by willfully avoiding work or scenario that creates stress, fatigue can be coped with much success.

At Mahaaushudhi.com a group of experts in traditional medicines guarantees to reduce the fatigue by a combined care of herbs and advice of lifestyle changes.



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