5 Ayurvedic tips to stop hair fall


Though the hair loss problem is prevalent in every human being, men face the problem of hair fall more than women. Ayurvedic treatment center in Delhi brings you 5 Ayurvedic tips to stop hair fall quickly.

Reason behind the start of hair loss are many, they can be caused due to the side-affect of the medication, growing age, unhealthy diet, dandruff, etc.

Hair starts falling due to weakening of roots of hair, thinning of hair and dandruff present in the scalp. Though there are various chemicals available in the market that claims to stop hair fall, Ayurveda believes in natural treatment of stopping hair loss.

In Ayurveda, a healthy diet that includes nutrient required for the re-growth of hair and thickening of hair is involved along with herbal shampoo that can be used to remove dandruff and thickening of roots of hair.

Ayurveda not only helps in stopping hair fall quickly, it also helps in re-growth of hair instantly without any side-affect.

Here are the 5 Ayurvedic tips to stop hair fall quickly:

Use Olive oil in hair that stops the growth of bacteria on your scalp and helps in cleansing it. While applying the oil rub it gently on the scalp.

Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, proteins, Vitamin B, minerals and iron must be included in diet. A proper nutrition helps in thickening of hair, thickening of root and prevents hair fall.

Shikakai, henna, Aloe Vera, lavender and jojoba are few of the Ayurvedic herbs that can be used to apply on hair. Herbal shampoor made of these herbs are easily available in the market. Every herb as a different affects on hair and hence should be used according to one's type of hair.

Stress and tension have been found to be a major problem behind the hair loss. Due to a hectic life people suffer through work stress, relationship tension and other types of problems. To control stress, mental pressure, tension, Ayurveda advises meditation and few yoga exercises that relaxes the nerves and brain. 5-10 minutes of daily Meditation can help calm your nerves, bringing peace to your mind and soul. This indirectly stops hair fall.

Regular change in hairstyles, especially in women, use of hard shampoo, hair colors, hair gels has adverse affect on hair roots and hair follicles. It is advised to curtail hairstyles as much as possible.

These are the five Ayurvedic tips to prevent hair fall by Ayurvedic treatment center in Delhi.



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