Herbal Treatment of removing hair


Hair on the body works as a shield or coat. It protects us from direct sunlight, heat or cold and maintains the temperature of out outer skin. The pores of our hairs secrete sebum, a natural lubricant that retains the softness and smoothness of our skin. Hair also enhances the beauty of a person. But when it grows at the unwanted area like face, forehead, moustache (in women), under armpit and groin areas, it looks ugly, awful and uncomfortable.

There is a need to remove those unwanted hairs temporary or permanently. Generally, we use different chemicals and surgical methods to remove the unwanted hairs but we get rashes in reaction. So, we look for some herbal treatment that can get rid of us with giving any soar.

Here are some home remedies that can be applied for removing unwanted hair naturally:

Gram Flour Rouge

Gram Flour Rouge is one of the most traditional ways of hair removing. It roots out the hair without giving you pain and rashes. For preparing the gram flour rouge, take 1 cup of gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric and make a paste by water. Apply it over the face, neck region and the areas of unwanted hair. When it starts to dry up, rub off the crumbles with hands; wash off with tap water.

The same rouge can be prepared by mixing curd and turmeric.

Home made hot wax

Prepare a home made hot wax that can be used for removing hair. For preparing it, mix sugar, honey and lemon in equal quantities and heat until it starts boiling. Let it cool to be settled and but still warm. Apply it on the required area though backside of the spoon. Put strip of cotton fabric just as waxing sheets are put. Pull it against the direction of growth of the hair.

Note: Before applying the hot wax, take a bath with hot water. It will open the pores of the hair that will help in removing the hairs while waxing.

Pumic Stone

Pumic Stone can be used for removing unwanted hair during taking bath. For this, gently rub pumic stone over the area from where you want to remove the unwanted hair when soap is applied. This remedy takes lots of time but results are long lasting.

Note: Whatever method, you opt, use a patch test before applying to avoid any sort of skin irritation.



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