Homemade remedies to cure Rhinitis


Homemade remedies to cure Rhinitis

Rhinitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of mucous membrane. The patient of this disease feels allergic to pollens, dust, fumes and other particles in air.

Ayurveda has certain simple homemade remedies, which are very effective with no side effects.

- Mullein Tea has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling in mucous membrane. It also has reduces swelling on nasal turbinate. Mulein decreases coughing and mucus and has Rejuvenation properties.

- Turmeric powder is a very beneficial herb. Add one teaspoonful of turmeric powder to milk and consume it at least twice a day. Turmeric clears the mucus and improves immunity.

- Vasa is a medical plant and an excellent remedy for patients suffering from chronic rhinitis. Make a juice of the plant leaves, add honey and consume it.

- Add honey to a cup of milk along with nuts. Have this thrice a day.

- One can also pour some honey in a jug and inhale the air in contact with it.

- Add a teaspoon of Gud to half a teaspoon of Saunth powder. It proves to be an effective mixture to cure bronchitis. Continue the use of this mixture for four weeks.

- It is extremely important to keep the body hydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water in a day to keep your body hydrated. Water also acts as a natural body cleaner. It washes off the germs, bacteria and other disease causing organisms. The fact that water has a thinning effect on mucus makes it easy to flush down mucus.

- Fresh ripened fruits and green vegetables help in strengthening the immunity. They are high in vitamins and proteins. Make sure you eat fresh fruits daily and include green vegetables in your lunch and dinner.

- A mixture of ginger and pepper also serves the purpose.

- Chew tulsi leaves in the morning. Tulsi has medicinal properties and works well to ward of the symptoms of common cold related to rhinitis.

- Cinnamon, ginger and black myroblan are some natural herbs that help a great deal in treating bronchitis.

- Make a mixture of Adhatoda with ginger. It is a great reliever for patient suffering from sneezing and nose dripping.

- A mixture of honey with 5 grams gooseberry or amla can do prove to be extremely beneficial for the health.

- Add garlic to the vegetables or vegetable soup. Consuming a vegetable soup with garlic proves to be a useful remedy.

- Neem leaves are considered as a great medicine for fighting bronchitis. Chewing neem leaves helps reducing the inflammation of the bronchi, thus loosening up the windpipe and allowing free respiration.



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