An Overview about Kidney Stones


Kidney Stone

Our fast life and tension are making us critical patients. Now-a-days many millions of the people in the world are being the kidney patient due to wrong habits, wrong diet and wrong style of living. If you have suffered from this ailment, read this article carefully.

Our body works like a factory in which several chemical reaction and biological processes go on every time. This process is usually known as metabolic activities. In this activity, organ systems produce several useful and vital elements that nourish our body and keep us healthy. On the contrary, our organ systems also release some wasteful materials, which are usually eliminated from our body through several means like sweat, lungs, urine, sputum, cough, and stool.

But, sometime due to any reason any system of our body becomes fail to function properly, it produces several disorders. In the metabolic process, sometime stone originates due to several reasons and carry on deposit in our kidney and urinary tract that cause great pain and severe damage to our major excretory system.

Before understanding the problems of kidney stones, first let us look on briefly about our urinary tract in which Kidney, ureters, urine bladder, and urethra comes.

Some major factors about Kidney Stones given below:



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