From cuisine to rich culinary traditions of many countries to wide array of health benefits for traditional medicinal use or just as a little healthy addition of flavor in the hot cup of tea, Ginger has so wide array of uses in our life with such a great range of health and other benefits. In many parts of the world including some Asian and Caribbean countries ginger is the irreplaceable ingredient of cooking. For the past few decades the well known health benefits of ginger have become an important area of consideration as for many life threatening diseases like cancer or heart disorder ginger or its varied use in food, drink or other consumable forms has become extremely popular.

Botanical description of Ginger

Ginger or rhizome is described botanically as Zingiber Officinale is the underground stem, used as spices in many culinary traditions and as medicinal herb or as healthy supplement in various ways, particularly in making tea. This knotted, thick, beige underground stem shoots up above the ground in flourishing green leaves more or less up to 12 inches high. The leaves of ginger are long, narrow, ribbed and green and flourish with white or yellowish flowers.

Uses of Ginger

Ginger is used in more than just one ways. Ginger is traditionally considered as a spice which has almost a irreplaceable role in many culinary traditions across the world, especially that of India. Young ginger stem is juicier and without the strong smell typical of ginger used in cooking. Young ginger with its mild taste and fleshy countenance is often used in pickles, vinegar and add extra test the main course of the meal or any food. Mature ginger is normally dry or close to dried condition with little juice and a strong smell and taste. Mature ginger with fiber and strong taste and smell is widely used in cooking and considered as a quintessential ingredient in Indian, Japanese, Chinese or oriental dishes. Apart from main dishes ginger is widely used in snacks like biscuits, cookies, etc. Ginger is popular all over the world as an ingredient of health drink or herbal tea or as simple taste changer spice in tea. In the recent time ginger has become extremely popular all over the world for medicinal uses in various holistic traditions of treatment like Ayurveda, Chinese herbal treatment, etc. For various diseases starting from common cough and cold to stress to even cancer ginger has a wide range of herbal medication use that made this age old herb so useful a medicinal component in herbal traditions.


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