Ayurvedic cure for obesity


Ayurvedic cure for obesity

Curing obesity has more to do with changing lifestyle and dietary habits rather than resorting to drugs and medications. The ayurvedic remedies are the best possible option for an individual who wants to get rid of the obesity disorder.

There are some simple Ayurvedic remedies to cure obesity.

Make it a point to have a glass of limejuice after every meal. It helps in killing excess fats. Limejuice is highly recommended for obese people.

One should avoid alcohol

Make sure that you drink warm water mostly.

Add ginger to your diet. While cooking food, add cut ginger or cinnamon to your diet.

Indian plum leaves are very helpful for curing obesity. Make a decoction of Indian plum leaves.

Mint tea is an excellent remedy for obesity. 2-3 cups of mint tea in a day can bring a noticeable difference.

Wheat and maze should be included in your diet and rice should be avoided

Carrot juice has curative properties. Take a glass of carrot juice on empty stomach every morning.

A healthy option is to add tomatoes and cabbage to your diet. They are very effective in curing obesity.

One more effective remedy is to make a ginger juice and consume it every morning. It helps in burning fat.

Finger millet is highly effective for reducing weight.

Eat citrus fruits like oranges and grapes. They react with the fats in the body and burn them.

Baking soda helps in digesting the food. You can add baking soda to a glass of water and consume it after a heavy meal.

Cinnamon seeds help in regulating the digestive process and help in neutralizing the hunger. You can add the seeds to honey and consume.

You can also make a powder of cinnamon and add it to boiled water. Stir it well and add honey to it



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