Do's and Don'ts of Obesity


Do's and Don'ts of Obesity


Consume low fat foods.

Take small meals after every few hours instead of three huge meals.

Practice breathing exercises every morning. Breathing exercises help in stimulating digestive power and clean the system from impurities as well.

Control the craving for foods high in carbohydrates and fats. They are the biggest sources of fats

Consume a lot of citrus fruits like oranges and grapes as they help in dispensing fats.

Reducing the intake of fats and calories is a must and one of the first steps to reduce weight

Include foods rich in VitmainB12 in your diet. it helps in building tissues without needing you to resorting to too much fats.

One should avoid alcohol. Alcohol is high on calories and also stimulates hunger. It also leads to failing of physiological mechanism that makes us feel full.

Make sure that you drink warm water mostly. Ayurveda recommends this remedy because people with kapha dosha feel hungry often. At such time, do not consume cold drinks. Warm water stimulates metabolism and also quenches thirst.

What we need to realize is the importance of physical activities and exercises in reducing weight. Morning walk or running help in burning the excessive fats and calories and also improve the endurance of the body.


A balanced diet is always helpful but overeating is not.

Do not eat late dinners.

Do not change your diet timings too often

Do not skip any meals.

Avoid intake of diary products like milk, cheese, ghee and ice cream.

Sleeping during daytime is highly advised against

Do not consume too many sweets and chocolates, as they are rich in carbohydrates.

Do not eat fast foods


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