Exercise and obesity


Exercise and obesity

Obesity is one of the most common health disorders. Even though it is more common among people above the age of 30, but children are also increasingly suffering from obesity problem.

Accumulation of excess of adipose tissue results in obesity. This increased fat and obesity leads further to number of ailments.

- Heart strokes and diseases

- Diabetes

- Cancer

- Osteoarthritis

- Gout

- Asthma

- High blood pressure

- High Cholesterol levels in the body

Scientifically putting it, a man is obese if more than 25 percent of his body has fat. In women, this figure extends up to 32 percent. The obesity is usually determined by the Body Mass Index of an individual.

A comprehensive exercise regimen helps a person to lose weight, gain shape and get overall fitness. The fitness levels of a person get a boost if that person follows an exercise program that involves exercising everyday for some fixed duration.

Working out in a gym or a walk in the park everyday boost stamina, strength and immunity of an individual. And obesity should not be the only reason for a person to start working out, rather it can help us to get rid of so many diseases and disorders that keep nagging us from time to time.

Aerobics is a great way of reducing weight. The fact that makes it so useful is that it is a little physically demanding. But a little hard work now goes a long way in maintaining a healthy body that would not trouble us as we grow older.

Weight training is an important part of the training we get at gyms. How weight training helps is that it helps in strengthening the bones and muscles, and also tones up the metabolic process in the body. A strict exercise program is a key to remain healthy.



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