Homemade remedies to cure obesity


Homemade remedies to cure obesity

The homemade remedies to cure obesity are the most natural and effective ways.

The most essential thing to do to get rid of obesity disorder is to get yourself indulged in exercises and other physical activities on a daily basis.

Morning walk or running and jogging helps in sweating out the fats and burning excess calories.

Avoiding alcohol is very important as it decreases metabolism.

A fruit popular among people trying to get rid of obesity is papaya. It is known to burn fats. Skipping a meal and having a papaya as a replacement is not a bad idea. You can continue this practice for few months to see noticeable improvement.

Working out in gym and doing some heavy weights is also a great way to stay fit.

Obese people can also try Yoga. It has number of asanas that have curative properties towards improving metabolism and curing the kapha dosha.

Avoid diary products like milk, butter, ice cream and cheese.

Honey is a very popular and effective remedy for obesity. Add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of hot water and consume it on empty stomach every morning.

Moong dals are high in proteins and low in fats. Consume it regularly as a part of your diet.

Ajwain is a popular remedy for treating digestive ailments. From centuries now, the oil from the ajwain seeds has been considered an effective disinfectant for obesity.

Ginger is an effective remedial herb for curing obesity. It can be taken in the form of ginger tea and proves to be very effective.

Green tea helps in getting rid of the excessive fat absorbed by the body. Thus drinking green tea helps obese people as well.

Tomatoes help in keeping a check on the cholesterol levels of the body.

An obese person can change his diet habits. Instead of 3 big meals, one can have small meals separated by few hours.

Carrots help in burning fat. Have carrots as a salad or drink carrot juice daily



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