Medical consequences of Obesity


Medical consequences of Obesity

Obesity is the accumulation of fats and carbohydrates in the body to a level, which can be harmful. In this condition, a person has a weight higher than what it should be at his or her height.

Now there are various reasons for obesity. Hormonal issues, over eating excess of fats and oils are some of the reasons that influence weight of a person in negative way.

While there are number of causes of obesity, there also are number of diseases, which are consequences of this disease. Obesity results in various health disorders that may also cause death. Let us have a look at some of them.

Obesity can cause Diabetes

Diabetes is caused due to high levels of sugar and glucose in the body. Obese people are at the maximum risk of accumulation of high amount of sugar. Diabetes further causes diseases like kidney problems and heart problems.

The only way to control it is to become more active physically and use some homemade remedies. Exercise daily, it is of a great help. As a remedy, amla is helpful in curing diabetes.

Obesity can cause strokes

Obesity causes accumulation of plaque in the arteries. It results in blockage of arteries that may result in heart failure. Overweight people are often complaining of such issues.

The accumulation of too much fats results in less blood and oxygen supplied to heart. This condition over a period of time causes heart diseases.

High blood pressure can also be caused due to overweight. High blood pressure compounds the problem further.

The high cholesterol levels caused due to obesity is a cause for issues with heart. Angina pectoris can be caused due to obesity as well.


Asthma is also one of the most common consequence of obesity. In this, person feels short of breath often. The asthmatic attacks are characterized by extreme breathlessness where a person requires immediate medical attention. It is accompanied by wheezing and coughing.


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