What are the Reasons for Obesity?


What are the Reasons for Obesity?

Whilst a balanced diet is extremely important for body, excess of it is always bad.

The overeating habit of people is the most prevalent reason for obesity. Do not keep eating just because you do not feel full. It stimulates the hunger even more.

The unhealthy eating habits like having junk foods and snacks that are packed with oils and fats has an adverse effect on the health.

One should strictly avoid junk food.

Home cooked food is the best food available. But at many homes, people are used to add excess of oil in their vegetables and soups.

This creates problem in the sense that oil triggers obesity like nothing else.

It is true that carbohydrates and fats help are essential for body. Fats protect the vital organs of the body from getting damaged by providing a kind of cushion for them. However, over consumption of fats has far too many health consequences.

One should keep in mind the amount of work and labour he or she undergoes.

People, who eat more and work less, are likely to be more obese. While there is an intake of food, there also should be an expenditure to bring about the balance in body.

Not indulging in enough physical activities is also one of the chief reasons for obesity. Exercise help in wearing down fats and calories.

A person needs to be physically active to ensure a fir body and less weight. The more physically active a person is, less are the chances of being overweight. Physical exercises help in shedding the extra kilos.

You can come across number of people who suffer from obesity due to some imbalance in their hormones.

Hypothyroidism is one such hormonal imbalance problem that causes obesity. People with such syndrome have a high body mass index. This type of problem causes a high abdominal fat, thus making a person look fat. This reason for obesity is often overlooked. The reason is the obesity is so related to lifestyles, that doctors or experts end up under diagnosing it.



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