Premenstrual Tension Treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda


Premenstrual tension as per common understanding is the mental tension occurred in a girl before the onset of a menstrual period. It is one of the most common and chronic mental problems in young girls before the menstrual period. Menstruation tension is common so much so as people tend not to consider it as something regular that can hardly be called as a problem, but leaving the medical condition of menstrual problem and arising mental syndromes unattended it can develop into many other mental complications that can subsequently deter the young girls other educational and social endeavors in life. The tension is caused or aggravated by menstrual problems that can manifest in many ways like irregular period, frequent period and other complications. In modern time these set of problems and corresponding tension are becoming more common than earlier period and so in our consideration of premenstrual tension treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda we have to consider also the modern lifestyle as a contributing factor, especially in regard to the absence of someone in the family for making the girl feel about the problem as normal and usual by counseling., the online Ayurvedic holistic medical guide that for years made its own specialty for providing medical guidance for both critical and all types of chronic disease with their renowned Ayurvedic practitioners and experts has recently come up with a multi specialty state of the art Ayurvedic treatment facility in North Delhi Rohini area for the treatment of all critical and chronic diseases and with this common health oriented mental irregularities like premenstrual tension will be addressed with the proper counseling by the experts and healing tradition of Ayurveda for reducing problems of menstruation. Not only for premenstrual tension treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda but for all types of common and crucial health disorders this facility can pave the way for healing tradition of holistic treatment.

What is premenstrual tension?

In regard to our discussion on the premenstrual tension treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda we must have a look at the clinical definition of this typical health oriented mental problem. Premenstrual tension is related with the apathy experienced corresponding to the physical changes with the experience of menstruation and further this problem can be aggravated by an array of menstrual problems that mainly manifests in four principal ways, respectively as absence of menstruation, irregular cycle of menstruation, irregular flow of menstruation, pain in menstruation and finally post menstruation difficulties. Understanding whether the tension precedes any unusual menstrual problem or it is normal mental behavior corresponding to this new physical reality in the body that is the first thing that would determine the character of the tension.

Why Ayurveda for premenstrual tension treatment?, the online holistic medical guide with its expert medical practitioners has long maintained that the use of regular counseling for health oriented mental problems is more crucial than medication and in case of menstrual problems that can trigger such tension even more the use of natural herbs for restoring the natural processes and mechanisms of body from within are more effective rather than taking the common course of curative treatment that is bent on checking the symptoms.


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