What is Reactive Arthritis


Reactive Arthritis also known as Reiter's Syndrome is an autoimmune condition where the immune system of our body attacks the tissues and muscles around the joints of the body. Immune system destructs the cartilage that acts as a lubricant between two bones and this destruction causes the two bones to rub each other causing pain and inflammation.

Reactive Arthritis is more prone in people of age above 35 and affects more male over females. Reactive Arthritis is found commonly in people carrying the HLA-B27 gene. This disease is caused by the bacterial infection. When immune system of our body comes in contact with these bacteria, it behaves erratically and starts affecting our own tissues.

This disease derives its name from the reaction of our body to the bacterial infection, which causes problem and not the bacteria itself.

Reactive arthritis most of the time leads to eye infection - Conjunctivitis. A burning sensation is felt in the eyes, which also leads to swelling. The affected joints are located on one side of the body. Reactive arthritis also affects eyes, urinary tract, skin, genitals, mouth and large intestine.

Urinary tract also gets affected by this disease. A patient feels burning sensation in bladder and urine

The joints affected by this disease develop swelling. The common symptoms pain, inflammation, stiffness and rashes are also there.

Treatment of Reactive Arthritis includes reducing the bacterial infection and at the same time reducing the pain. If the symptoms are caught early it becomes easy to cure this disease.

Ayurvedic treatment of reactive arthritis includes fighting the bacterial infection, reducing the pain and controlling the other disease caused by reactive arthritis. Herbal medicines prepared from herbs extracted from medicinal plants are given to reactive arthritis patient 2-3 times a day. These medicines stop the bacterial infection, calms and strengthen the immune system of the body.

Netra Tarpan is carried out for the treatment of conjunctivitis. In this therapy, herbal oils, ghee and herbs are used. A dam is prepared around the eyes, which is filled with lukewarm herbal oils and are kept for sometime. These herbal oils treat the disease and reduces the irritation and swelling of the eyes.

Other Panchakarma therapies are carried out to treat the urinary infection. Yoga exercises and oil massages (Abhyanga) are carried out tot reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling.

Reactive arthritis is treatable with Ayurvedic therapies.



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