Shalya Chikitsa


Shalya Chikitsa is a branch of asthang ayurveda that deals with the procedure of surgery. The science of shalya chikitsa has been mention in the ancient script Susruta Samhita. So, surgery is not a new concept and has been used from the ancient times. Earlier, surgeries were used for the treatment of problems like intestinal obstructions and bladder stones.

Shalya chikitsa discusses the use of several surgical tools and techniques for the treatment of several diseases such as tumors, bodily pimples, cataract, bones, problems of urinary bladder, liver, intestine, bone fractures, during pregnancy and delivery and several injuries. Susruta developed the method of cosmetic surgery in ayurveda during the ancient times which is still in practice and quite successful.

According to shalya chikitsa, surgery is the best alternative when the treatment is beyond medications. Surgery is most effective in the case of arbuda (abscesses, cysts), mul- vyadhi (hemorrhoids), stanarog (breast diseases), ashmari (stones), gandamala (enlarged lymph nodes), mutravaodh (retention of urine) and gud-bransh (prolepses rectum).

Shalya chikitsa gives a detail of all the pre surgical and post surgical procedures and precautions. Apart from that the knowledge of marma's (significant points) and also about anesthesia have also been mentioned in shalya chikitsa. The surgical instruments used in Shalya Chikitsa are completely made of natural materials such as stones, wood, leaves and other parts of plant.

Shalya chikitsa is very helpful in giving fast relief to a person than the conventional method of treatment. So, that who wants instant relief, shalya chikitsa is the best alternative.


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