Ocimum sanctum medicinal uses


Ocimum sanctum medicinal uses

Ocimum sanctum or Holy Basil is an ancient herb popular for its curative properties to treat number of health disorders. It is particularly good for reducing depression, stress and anxiety. The medicinal value of this herb is recognised by Ayurveda.

Ocimum sanctum is also known to be an adaptogens, as it brings a mind body balance and helps in preventing stress related problems. In India, it is known for its health promoting and medicinal value and some also consider it important for spiritual growth.

Ocimum sanctum has anti-inflammatory properties that help in curbing that inflammation caused diseases like arthritis and cancer. Ocimum sanctum also helps in treating the pain causing intestinal spasms.

People suffering from sprains, sore muscles, psoriasis, burns, bruises, sunburn, scalds can use Ocimum sanctum as the tissue restoration process of Ocimum sanctum helps in quick healing. It?s anti bacterial properties sooth skin.

Ocimum sanctum is an excellent remedy for diabetes as well. It moderates the glucose levels in the blood.

The detoxification properties of Ocimum sanctum help in aiding the digestion process and cleaning the intestines, thus detoxifying the body.

Ocimum sanctum gel is also becoming increasingly popular for its anti-ageing properties. The gel is able to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and acts to regenerate the cells

Arthritis patients can benefit a great deal from Ocimum sanctum. The anti-inflammatory property of Ocimum sanctum reduces the swelling on joints and bones.

The disorders in our digestive tract can also be corrected by Ocimum sanctum. One can prepare a juice of Ocimum sanctum leaves, which can be taken at least twice a day results in noticeable improvements.

Immune system is strengthened by the anti-oxidant property of Ocimum sanctum. Acidity, diabetes and toothache are some other disorders that are taken care by Ocimum sanctum.

Ocimum sanctum can be consumed in the form of juice, gel or paste and even in its raw form. Two spoons of Ocimum sanctum gel taken thrice a day prove to be effective. Ocimum sanctum juice is one of the best forms of Ocimum sanctum and is easily available in the market.

Ocimum sanctum has become a very important natural herb. The natural composition of Ocimum sanctum not only helps in getting rid of the disorders, but it also tones up the body in various ways. This is why more and more people are including Ocimum sanctum as a part of their daily lifestyle.



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