Causes of overweight


Causes of overweight

The answer to the question that what are the causes of being overweight is pretty elaborate. One cannot point to a specific reason or cause, there are many factors that contribute to excess weight gain.

The process of gaining weight is slow. Obesity happens over a period of time, due to practising unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercises.

Symptoms suffered by obese people

High blood pressure




Stress and anxiety

Heart strokes


Causes of Obesity

Overeating is the excess calorie intake that surpasses the calorie expenditure by some measure. It is the biggest reason that contributes to obesity.

People, who eat too much food but indulge in least activities, gain excess weight. The amount of food consumed determines the energy gained. This energy has to be spent. Lack of expenditure of calories leads to accumulation of calories, thus resulting in weight gain, which eventually leads to obesity.

Too much fats and oils in the diet compounds the problem further. It is a norm in certain countries like India to add excess of oil in their diet. This excess oil is not easily digestible and gets accumulated in the body. This leads to more fat and increase in weight.

The pancreatic enzymes are not able to digest excess fat, which gets accumulated and the person starts suffering from this disorder.

Overweight people are also observed to be not indulging in physical activities. This is a major reason for overweight. Exercise help in burning fats and calories and thus shedding some kilos. Physically active individuals are found to be fit with a normal weight.

The genetic factors also have a role to play when it comes to obesity. Growth hormone deficiency is one such hormonal imbalance problem that cause obesity. People with such syndrome have a high body mass index. This type of problem causes a high abdominal fat, thus making a person look fat.


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