5 Ayurvedic tips for Weight loss


Modern life of both adults and young have become so hectic that they don't have time to take care of their health and body. This leads to various types of diseases. Gaining weight is one of them. It is prominent in both young and adult as all of the people today spent a lot of time in front of computers or laptops doing work or playing games.

Ayurveda treatment center in Delhi brings you 5 simple tips to help you loose some weight quickly without much change in your life. It involves change in diet and yoga. Medicines are not required to loose weight, anybody can burn the extra fat that is accumulated in the body just by following right diet and a little of exercise.

In almost 90% of the cases, weight is gained due to unhealthy diet, irregular timings of food intake and no physical exercise. In rest of the cases, weight gain is due to the side affect of some medicine, symptoms of a disease, post pregnancy weight gain etc.

(Note: In case of a weight gain due to side-affects of a medicine or as a symptom of a disease, one must consult Vaidya (Ayurvedic Doctor) for the right tips to loose weight, as they analyze the situation of patient before giving the tips so that it does not get worse.)

Here are 5 Ayurvedic tips to loose weight quickly:

Regularize the time of your food intake and stick to it. According to Ayurveda, irregular timings of diet leads to imbalance in Agni present in stomach that causes improper digestion. This in turn causes accumulation of fat in various fat of the body starting from belly fat. But if timings of food intake are regular your body mechanism adjusts to it easily and carries out the work like it has to. There is no imbalance in Agni and no fat is accumulated.

Drink honey water on empty stomach early in the morning. Mix a teaspoonful of honey, a teaspoonful of lime in half a glass of water. Honey water helps in burning the extra kilo you have put up quickly.

Include herbs like ginger, turmeric, garlic, cumin seeds and black pepper in your regular diet. These Ayurvedic herbs trigger body's metabolism and helps in burning of fat. Also they help in reducing cholesterol.

People must intake lightweight diet that are low in fat and cholesterol but provides nutrients required by the body. Fatty food, oily food, sugar, etc should be avoided or taken in less quantity. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fruit juices, vegetable soups can replace the oily food.

Though all type of exercises like aerobics, cycling, dancing, walking and swimming are effective when it comes to loose weight, Ayurveda recommends Yoga exercise. Yoga Asanas like padmasana, sarvangasana, dhanurasana, suryanamaskara can help you loose weight quickly and at the same time few of the Asanas also help in curing other diseases as well.

These are the 5 Ayurvedic weight loss tips Ayurvedic treatment center in Delhi, which if followed can help you shed some kilos quickly.



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