Overweight symptoms and the exercises to counter them


Overweight symptoms and the exercises to counter them

Being overweight has too many negative effects on health. Apart looking bulky, an overweight person suffers from various health disorders. Most of these disorders are very serious and may even cause death of the patient. Accumulation of excess of adipose tissue results in obesity. This increased fat and obesity leads further to number of ailments.

- Osteoarthritis and other joint related problems

- It might also cause Heart attack and angina pectoris

- High blood pressure

- High levels of sugar and insulin in overweight people causes diabetes

- Some types of Cancer like breast cancer in women and cancer in rectum among men.

- Asthma

- High Cholesterol levels in the body

- Gout

- Thyroid

Role of Exercise in achieving the desired level of fitness

A strict exercise program helps a person to lose weight, gain shape and get overall fitness. The fitness levels of a person get a boost if that person follows an exercise program that involves exercising everyday for some fixed duration.

Not only losing weight, but working out in a gym or a walk in the park everyday also boosts stamina, strength and immunity of an individual. And obesity should not be the only reason for a person to start working out, rather it can help us to get rid of so many diseases and disorders that keep nagging us from time to time.

Another effective method of reducing weight is aerobics. But a little hard work now goes a long way in maintaining a healthy body that would not trouble us as we grow older. Teenagers specifically have realized the importance of aerobics

Improving the metabolic process in the body is very important. In the same way, it is useful to strengthen the bones and muscles. Weight training in the gym helps to achieve both results.



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