Simple and easy remedies for weight loss


Simple and easy remedies for weight loss

The ways to lose weight have more to do with changes in lifestyle and dietary habits than a doctor's treatment. The ayurvedic remedies are the best possible option for an individual who wants to get rid of the obesity disorder.

Oranges are good for health. Eat around 3-4 oranges per day, as it helps in killing fats and losing weight.

Make it a point to have a glass of limejuice after every meal. It helps in killing excess fats. Limejuice is highly recommended for obese people.

Morning walk or running and jogging helps in sweating out the fats and burning excess calories.

Indian plum leaves are very helpful for curing obesity. Make a decoction of Indian plum leaves.

Asafoetida is very useful herb for people who are looking to lose their weight.

Boil cumin seeds, black pepper and sandalwood in water. This remedy is useful for curing obesity

Mint tea is an excellent remedy for obesity. 2-3 cups of mint tea in a day can bring a noticeable difference.

Ginger is an effective remedial herb for curing obesity. It can be taken in the form of ginger tea and proves to be very effective.

The fruit papaya is a very useful remedy to cure fat in the body.

Lessen the intake of rice in your diet and include wheat and maze instead.

Ajwain is a popular remedy for treating digestive ailments. Since ancient times, the oil from the ajwain seeds properties considered for killing fat.

Green tea helps in getting rid of the excessive fat absorbed by the body.

Carrots help in burning fat. Have carrots as a salad or drink carrot juice daily

Cinnamon seeds help in regulating the digestive process and help in neutralizing the hunger. You can add the seeds to honey and consume.


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