Symptoms and consequences of being Overweight


Symptoms and consequences of being Overweight

It is a common to come across overweight people. Statistically speaking, United States is worst hit by overweight syndrome. More than 30% of the adults in United States are obese, an alarming number.

When is a person called overweight? A person is called overweight due to the accumulation of excess body fats. This excess body fat is a cause for number of serious diseases. Diseases caused due to obesity may even cause death of a person.

An overweight person suffers from accumulation of plaque in the arteries. It results in blockage of arteries that may result in heart failure. Overweight people are often complaining of such issues.

The accumulation of too much fat results in reduced supply of blood and oxygen to heart. This condition over a period of time causes heart diseases.

People with overweight condition suffer from diseases like Angina pectoris.

Obese patients also have a risk of suffering from cancer. Women specifically are at the risk of suffering from breast cancer. Even men can suffer from cancer in the prostate

Diabetes is caused due to high levels of sugar and glucose in the body. Overweight people are at the maximum risk of accumulation of high amount of sugar. Diabetes further causes diseases like kidney problems and heart problems.

One needs to understand that keeping weight at a normal level is extremely important. Go for a walk, or jogging. Workouts at gym can also do a world of good to patients.

Obesity causes uric acid levels to rise, that further causes diseases like gout or even arthritis. Overweight people often complain of such diseases.

Asthma is also one of the most dreadful and common symptom of being overweight. This disease is accompanied by breathlessness and symptoms like wheezing. If not given immediate medical attention, Asthma can even cause death of the patient.


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