Weight loss treatment in Delhi


Gain in weight is most scary for women who want to look slim and trim all the time. Weight gain not only affects the women physically but also mentally. The Ayurvedic Weight loss treatment in Delhi helps you shed some weight in one week without any side affect.

The medicines used in Ayurvedic treatment for loosing weight are made of plants and herbs. These medicines burns the excess fat accumulated in different part of the body and makes your body toned.

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Delhi not only relies on medicines but Yoga and meditation form an integral part of the treatment in shedding some kilos.

People gain weight for different reason, some because of unhealthy diet that includes excess of junk food, oily food, fat-rich food, etc. Some gain weight because of the side-affect of a medicine. Women in particular gain weight post pregnancy.

Except for the case where weight is gained as a side-affect of medicines, in all other cases weight can be lost quickly and if the routine as prescribed by Ayurvedic doctor is followed afterwards stops the fat from coming back. In case of medicine side-affect, Vaidya thoroughly analyses the disease, medicine and then tells the solution. Here the process can be slow.

Swedana or Sweating Therapy is one of therapy that is carried out to help a person loose weight. Here a patient is made to sit in hot room or is given a steam bath and then is allowed to sweat. Sweat along it helps in burning of fat as well. Also one must drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. The intake of water helps in removal of fat as well.

Diet is the most important factor in loosing weight. Ayurveda allows you to take food that are light in weight but provide the right amount of nutrients required by the body. Also the timing of the intake of these foods is necessary.

Ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Delhi is a mixture of herbal medicines prepared from plants and herbs, therapies and Yoga exercises that collectively burn the excess fat accumulate in the body part and makes you slim and trim within a week.



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