What causes Constipation and what cures it


What causes Constipation and what cures it

Constipation is a disorder accompanied with incomplete evacuation of bowels and difficulty in bowel movements. In Ayurveda, Viband is the name for this disease and it leads to patients feeling bloated and weak most of the time.

Constipation is caused due to some issues in the colon of the body. It is basically the malfunctioning of stomach or bowels.

It leads to patients feeling weak and suffering from some internal complications like abdominal pain and incomplete passing of stools at one time.

Symptoms of Constipation

Difficulty in passing stools

Dry stools

Appearance of brownish colour on tongue

A feeling of nausea


Loss of appetite

Abdominal discomfort

It might also show signs of gastritis or diarrhoea

Causes of Constipation

Lack of fibre in the diet

Unhygienic diet habits

Diarrhoea or gastritis

Lack of exercise

Reduced immunity

Problems in the rectal region

Delaying the bowel movement or ignoring the urge

Over-consumption of caffeine


Over consumption of diary products

Intolerance to certain medications like anti-depressants, medicines for high blood pressure etc

Lack of liquid intake

Storing food in improper storage that causes contamination of food.

Lack of physical exercise is also a common reason for constipation

Ayurvedic remedies for Constipation

Add half a teaspoonful of Epsom salt to a glass of water and drink. It works well to solve the purpose.

Ginger is an excellent herb to cure constipation. Take ginger in the form of ginger tea as it helps in loosening up the bowel movements.

Apples are rich in iron and fibre. And as the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Pear is a fruit very beneficial for the constipation patients. Make sure to eat a pear after dinner. Pear juice is also a useful option.

Isabgol is another helpful natural herb to prevent constipation. Add a paste of isabgol in a glass of fresh curd. Consume it one-hour prior to sleep.

Spiegel seeds are excellent remedy for stomach ailments. You can add them into water or milk and consume.

Pear has curative essentials for curing constipation. Make sure to eat a pear after dinner. Pear juice is also a useful option.

Steamed vegetables are very healthy for body.

Castor oil helps in curing constipation. Take 3-5 teaspoons of castor oils.



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