Baldness is quite a dreadful term for those who are experiencing its effects on their appearance and personality. Baldness is much more than just a few strands of hair stuck in your comb or on your hands after shampooing. Baldness refers to the hairless spots scattered on your scalp that lok very non-pleasing to say the least.

Spending hours in front of the mirror just to get the right kind of hairstyle is quite a norm. Long and lustrous hair is a boost to anyone's personality and that is the sole reason why we give so much importance to its maintenance.

We love our hair, and that is precisely why we cringe even at the idea of hair loss. It is then when we start pressing the panic buttons.

Baldness occurs due to various reasons. Alopecia is the medical term used for the occurrence of hair fall and it occurs in men and women, both. It is a disease that can render your head hairless if not treated at the right time. Alopecia can occur in patches anywhere on the body but it?s on the scalp where one experiences maximum hair fall and maximum distress due to that hair fall.

But there are a few facts that we should know about hair loss before coming to any conclusion. A person does not need to panic if he or she loses 60-70 strands of hair in a day. Losing thus much hair is just a part of hair cycle and does not lead to baldness. However, losing excessively more hair than that is a cause for concern. If not treated at the right time, it might lead to permanent baldness.

It is due to these reasons that hair loss is a cause for stress among many people. Speaking of stress, it is both, a cause and a consequence of hair fall. Apart from this, some most primary reasons for hair fall are:

Hormonal imbalance

This type of hair fall is passed from a generation to the other. The hormone that causes hair loss, Dihydrotestosterone, is formed by the conversion of testosterones and it triggers hair fall

Experimenting with hair

Trying out all sorts of hair products on your hair have a damaging effect on the scalp, as these hair products are made from harmful chemicals.

Scalp infections

It is also a common hair fall cause. Such kind of infection is predominantly found among the teens. Fungi infection on scalp causes dandruff. This dandruff weakens hair from its roots that triggers hair fall.
Intolerance to medicines

Hair fall is also caused when one's body reacts negatively to medications taken for high blood pressure, headache or even antibiotics.

Poor diet

A diet poor in nutritional value is a cause for various health disorders; hair fall is one of them. The scalp does not get enough nutrients needed, which eventually leads to hair fall.


Stress and anxiety cause hair follicles to enter in the resting phase ahead in time, thus causing shedding of hair.


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