Epilepsy Treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda


There are some diseases in the history of the mankind that has been influential in turning the fate of too many prodigious personalities and epilepsy is one of them. Epilepsy for ages has been the subject of medical curiosity, common interest and also artistic depiction from painting to literature. Surprisingly enough, in spite of such widespread development and progress of modern medical science that claim to be the authority in providing health care throughout the modern age various chronic yet critical diseases including epilepsy did not find any conclusive cure till date and before beginning our discussion on epilepsy treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda this is one crucial aspect that demands our attention. Epilepsy for a vast majority of sufferers is still considered as a fated disease that cannot be answered with medical treatment, but in complete contrast to this notion ancient holistic medication of Ayurveda always considered epilepsy or such critical as well as chronic diseases to be treated conclusively with natural herbal medication and holistic processes like yoga and meditation.

Mahaaushudhi.com, the online Ayurvedic and holistic medical guide that long made its towering presence felt over the cyberspace by providing conclusive holistic medical guidance for all types of critical as well as chronic diseases has recently came up with its own multi specialty Ayurvedic clinic in North Delhi Rohini area to provide conclusive and permanent treatment for all types of fatal and chronic diseases by administering herbal medicines and Ayurvedic formulations along with incorporating preventive procedures and holistic treatments through yoga, meditation, etc. Expectedly with this clinic not only epilepsy treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda but all types of medical treatments and medication in the city with Ayurveda will experience a new dimension of health care.

What is Epilepsy?

In relation to our discussion on epilepsy treatment in Delhi with Ayurveda we must have a clinical understanding of the disease. As per clinical definition epilepsy is the varied set of neurological disorders which is characterized by unprovoked and frequent seizures. In some cases the patient has to experience a single seizure that through brain alterations would lead to future seizures and consequently make the person in question an epileptic patient. In a vast majority of cases the causes of epilepsy cannot be identified while in many cases the causes of epilepsy are identified as trauma, stroke, brain cancer, drug and alcohol misuse, etc. Epilepsy is usually controlled by medication of allopathic tradition rather than being cured conclusively. Though in childhood only well defined syndromes of epilepsy are seen in some person the disease can be developed later in the future course of life.

Why Ayurveda for epilepsy treatment?

Ayurveda, the ancient holistic and natural science of medication has long been considered as the most original and total way of medically treating any health disorder using natural herbs, herbal formulations while diagnosing the disease as per natural bodily constituents in different people in different proportion and that is the precise reason why when critical diseases like epilepsy can best be controlled by curative drugs of allopathic tradition, Ayurveda can conclusively treat the disease by basically altering the medical condition in the function of the brain. The super specialty clinic founded by Mahaaushudhi.com has for the first time began treating critical epilepsy cases from various parts of the city and other distant areas and the disease of epilepsy which has long been taken as a fatal disease that can only be controlled to some extent can now find rigorous treatment for a conclusive end to it.



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