Home remedies for Abrasion


Home Remedies for Abrasion

Abrasion is very common and so are the home remedies for abrasion. An abrasion or "excoriation" can be defined as a wound or injury in the upper layer caused by rubbing against a hard surface. Most abrasions are confined up to upper surface of skin only but in some cases it goes beyond the epidermis- the outermost layer. Most of the people conceive that an abrasion and laceration are same things but in reality both these things are different. The nature of abrasions is of severe kind as compared to other kinds of minor skin injuries including a laceration. Abrasions may not appear severe but if left untreated it could get infected and may convert into a major wound. There are several home remedies for abrasion that can be used to check further infections.

As per expert opinions, abrasions can be classified into degrees as per its severity. In the first degree of abrasions, the injury is confined to epidermis only. In the abrasion of second-degree, injury goes beyond the epidermis to the dermis get affected. And bleeding may occur. In the third degree abrasions damage goes up to subcutaneous layer and the skin.

Symptoms of Abrasion:

Among the important symptoms of abrasion is partial loss of layers of skin, pain and swelling, oozing of fluid or blood at the injured part, tenderness that get painful when touched, burning sensation, redness, and mild to moderate fever.

Home remedies for Abrasion:

As an abrasion is not a severe kind of problem it can be caused with some home remedies. Before applying any sort of medication one should wash the wounds properly. After that use a clean towel or piece of cotton to absorb the water there. After the wounded part has been cleaned and dried apply petroleum jelly over it. This will soothes and keep the wounded part moisturized which is essential for recovery.

Lavender oil is a good home remedy for the abrasion. In addition to these, Aloe Vera a natural moisturizer is also great for the healing wounds. For this cut the aloe vera leaves into two parts and apply the gel on the wounded parts. In addition to these, Vinegar is also well known for its healing properties

Apart from these one should change the bandage and get it exposed to the natural air as it helps in healing.



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