Home Remedies for Alzheimer


Home Remedies for Alzheimer

Home remedies for Alzheimer disease can help to fight the various symptoms of the disease. In the mild form of disease the patient exhibit the symptoms like getting lost, problem in managing money and paying bills, repetitive questions and conversations, taking more time to perform routine duties. Among other symptoms of Alzheimer are problem in judgment, forgetting things and mood swings.

Before zeroing on the home tip to fight Alzheimer let us know the basic causes of Alzheimer. The real cause behind Alzheimer's is yet to be identified. But it is suggested that it is caused due to protein malfunction of the nerve cells of the brain. Ageing and genetic factors can also be held responsible to an extent.

Let us have a focus on the home remedies for the Alzheimer disease.

As aluminum is considered one of the causes of Alzheimer it is advised to keep the aluminum utensils out of your kitchen.

Here we are suggesting some tips that might not cure the disease but gives you valuable insight to cope with the disease.

Do regular exercise:

Regular exercise has composite effect on the health and heart of the individuals. There are some evidences that the regular exercise regimen can help improve mood swings in the Alzheimer's patients.

Have a Healthy Diet:

Take a diet that is low in fat and is constituted of fruits and vegetables as it has a healthy effect on the heart. Alzheimer patients can benefit a lot from this diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have a good effect on those working on heart. It also helps a lot to those suffering from the Alzheimer's.

Get socially connected:

If you are socially well connected then the chances of leading a satisfying life increases manifold it also helps in normal brain functioning.



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