Home Remedies for Burning Tongue


Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

Most of us have faced the problem of a burning tongue and a large number of us have tried the home remedies for burning tongue. Also called the burning mouth syndrome (BMS), the problem is very common among the people in their middle age one factor can't be held responsible as the cause of burning tongue but people often face burning sensation on tongue, lips, gums and other parts of the buccal cavity. The problem of burning tongue can be acute, which lasts for weeks or chronic that lasts for a month or even longer.

Causes of Burning Tongue

Hormonal imbalance

Low estrogen level

  • Diabetes
  • Oral candida (oral yeast)
  • Dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • Use of medicines that consist of diuretics, oral diabetic meds, some blood pressure meds
  • Impurities in blood (dyscrasias, anemia)
  • Problems in nutrition that consists of vitamin B-12, niacin, iron, or folic acid)
  • Gastric acid reflux
  • Allergies from various things
  • Dental problems
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Psychological disorders
  • Use of tobacco
  • Mouth cancer or some other disease

Symptoms of Burning Tongue

  • The patient may experience burning sensation in some parts of tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat or whole mouth
  • One can also face a burning sensation on the tip of your tongue
  • Pain increases during the day

One can experience sensation in the dry mouth

  • One can experience thirst
  • Change of taste in some cases one may loose taste

Home remedy for the burning tongue

  • Vitamin B complex is one of the most valuable home remedies for burning tongue either you should take it in the form of pills or should take in the form of vegetables and fruits.
  • While facing a burning tongue problem one should refrain from the spicy foods and the food soaked in oil.
  • The patient should try to include iron rich foods in his diet.
  • One should start brushing their teeth with baking powder and should refrain from the toothpaste.
  • One of the best home remedies is to gargle with the decoction made up of Triphala known for its cooling effects.
  • Decoction made from Babool is one of the best home remedies for burning tongue. It also offers relief from inflammation.
  • Applying some glycerin is considered one of the best home remedies for burning tongue.
  • For quick recovery one should keep the wounds hydrated.
  • Kavala and Gandusha are considered excellent home remedies for tongue burning.

These cost effective home-based treatments offer relief from tongue burning.



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