Home Remedies for Chaffing


Home Remedies for Chaffing

Most of us suffer from chaffing very now and often and look for home remedies for chaffing to get rid of it. Chaffing is the irritating experience that results from repetitive rubbing on the skin. Sometimes it occurs between your thighs, sometimes under your breast and some other parts of the body prone to constant rubbing. It is caused due to the friction along the moist area of the body. So the problem becomes more rampant during summers and the period when the climate is hot and humid. Anyone can get affected with the problem but it is more common in athletes and those with heavy weight.

Causes of Chaffing:

When the skin is regularly rubbed against another area of skin chaffing is caused. Sometimes it is also caused due to rubbing the skin against a loose fabric. The situation gets worse when the skin receives some in the form of rain or sweat. Poorly fitted undergarments could also be a reason from chaffing.

Symptoms of Chaffing

  • Burning sensation on the skin
  • Moving palms on the affected region also causes pain
  • Slight swelling in the affected part
  • Redness of the skin in the parts affected
  • Irritation accompanied by pain

Home Remedies for Chaffing

Those affected with chaffing should wear the cloths made of pure cotton especially during playing sports and doing exercise. Those with chronic chaffing should resort to complete cotton clothing.

For more comfort one should wrap an elastic bandage around your legs and thighs before indulging in activities like sports and athletics. This elastic bandage plays an instrumental role in preventing chaffing.

If you have some old sores or sensitive areas on your skin wrap it before going for extraneous activities in order to prevent chaffing

Petroleum jelly is also an effective home remedy for chaffing. To avoid chafing one should use the jelly between your thighs, on your toes, and other sensitive area that may be prone to chaffing.

Commonly used talcum powder is another home remedy for chaffing and known for giving good results in case of chaffing. For good results one can apply the powder with a fully sanitized powder puff so that you can avoid further infections.

One can make a home remedy for chaffing at own. For this one can make a mixture of vitamin A and D with Vaseline and add ¼ cup Vitamin E cream and Aloe Vera cream. Known for its moisturizing qualities Aloe Vera imparts smoothness to the affected area and offers a relief from the blisters. In addition to these, it also checks further chaffing.

Application of calendula oil on skin also provides a better remedy to chaffing. Owing to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it is an excellent home remedy for chaffed skin.

So one can try the various home remedies available for chaffing. Apart from these, one should also follow a healthy lifestyle that further prevents the skin from chaffing.



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