Home Remedies for Edema


Home remedies for Edema

There can be different reasons for edema that ranges from torn ligaments to injury and even allergy in some cases. Whatever the reason may be home remedies for edema offers some relief to those suffering from this ailment.

Causes of Edema:

  • Low albumin (hypoalbuminemia)

  • Allergic reactions

  • Obstruction of flow

  • Critical illness

  • Staying or sitting in one position for a longtime

  • Foods rich in salt content

  • Some medical conditions including heart failure, cirrhosis, kidney diseases or problems linked to lymphatic system

  • Pregnancy

  • Use of certain types of drugs

Symptoms of Edema:

  • Inflammation or puffiness

  • Strained or shiny skin

  • Skin even retains a dimple after being pressed for sometime

  • Abdominal size increases

Home Remedies for Edema:

  • Regular use of apple cider vinegar over the inflamed part helps in recovering from the swelling and itching that is characteristic of edema.

  • Soak some mustard seeds in water for half and hour. After that strain the seeds and use this water to wash the swelled part.

  • Take some lukewarm mustard oil and apply it on the part affected with edema. For good results massage the affected part with oil.

  • Dietary supplements can also be excellent home remedies for edema. Avoid using salt in your food till you recover. Use of junk food and packaged foods should also be avoided.

  • Flax Seed Oil is also an effective home remedy for facial edema.

  • Reduced carbohydrates intake also offers some relief from edema.

  • Daily exercise also helps in overcoming the symptoms of edema.

  • Healthy lifestyle like avoidance of smoking and drinking also helps in dealing with the symptoms of edema.



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