Home Remedies for Female Sterility


Home Remedies for Female Sterility

Home remedies for female sterility may not provide a cure for this condition but certainly provide some solutions that help women to get pregnant. In medical terms it is a condition in which a woman fails to get pregnant after one year of trying. Continued miscarriages are also termed infertility. Female infertility can be result of physical, hormonal, lifestyle or psychological problems.

Causes of Female Sterility

Ovulation disorders:
· Hormone imbalances
· Hyperthyroidism
· Hypothyroidism
· Vitamin or Mineral deficiency
· Low body weight
· High body weight
· Chronic illness
· Luteal Phase Defect

Fallopian tube disorders
· A history of ectopic pregnancies
· Endometriosis adhesions
· Infections (PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
· Inflammation
· Surgical procedures in the abdominal area
· Certain types of fibroids (rarely)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Congenital Anomalies
Uterine Fibroids

Symptoms of female sterility:

Genital infection
Endocrine dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction
Water brush
Vaginal discharge

Home remedies for female sterility:

· Jamun leaves are an excellent home remedy for female sterility. One should eat jamun leaves as it facilitates the process.

· Root of Banyan tree is also considered an effective home remedy for infertility: one should take some roots and dry them in sun for few days. Take powder of these grinded leaves with milk once your menstrual cycles are over. You should not eat any food item immediately after this remedy. This remedy should be followed for a year.

· The herb called winter cherry is highly effective home remedy for female infertility. Make powder of this herb after drying. Take this one tsp of powder in a cup of milk just after your menstrual cycle is over.

In addition to these yoga is an excellent home remedy for female sterility.



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